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Skywatcher accessory set offer


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I may well buy a Skywatcher telescope.

How is this longstanding offer from Optical Vision Limited (who I presume are the distributers)? Worth getting?


Buy ANY Sky-Watcher or TAL telescope from ANY UK dealer & buy this superb

Sky-Watcher Eyepiece, Filter, Night Vision Torch & User Guide Set for just £69.00 (SRP £149.00) directly from OVL!!

Kit Comprises: 2mm, 5mm, 15mm & 20mm Long Eye Relief Eyepieces, Four Threaded Light Filters (Amber, Blue, Neutral Grey & Moon Filter) Dual - Beam LED Night Vision Torch, Astronomical Telescope User Guide, in lockable, foam-padded Aluminium Case

Terms of Offer

Just send a photocopy of your receipt with a cheque (payable to OVL) and covering note to us at the address below. Order must be placed within FOUR MONTHS of telescope purchase. Please provide a daytime telephone number and an address, for guaranteed acceptance of delivery, between 9am-5pm Mon-Fri as the goods will be delivered by carrier. FREE delivery to any UK address!!

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The torch is ok, but don't think the rest are really worth it. As John says the eyepieces aren't very good, the 2mm will be unusable in most 'scopes and even the 5mm may be rather high powered for some of the Newtonians. They might 'suggest' a retail price of £149, but that's laughably overpriced IMO...

I reckon save the cash, and pick up a couple of used eyepieces for the money.

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televue plossl eyepieces for sale at £67each depending on size at Widescreen Centre. Can't go wrong with these. I couldn't believe the difference when i changed the ones that came with my scope. There are plenty of places you can pick up second hand bargains but the guys are right, if you have one quality ep then it's much better than 6 bad ones.

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