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  1. Cheers Coco, Will give that a try next chance I get. More signal and less noise seems to be the way forward. As I am not guiding I can't expose much beyond 2 minutes but getting a good clean signal with less noise is what i'm going to try and achieve. Thanks again D
  2. Damien

    Moon 14/01/11

    First Prime focus image of the moon. ISO100 1/160 sec.
  3. The first thing i ever saw in a scope was Saturn. I'll never forget it. Great Idea on the photoshop tutorials. I would love to see some on Youtube. A Video is always better..well for me anyway.
  4. Thanks Quatermass, You tutorial helped alot. Would like the image to have a bit more punch but it's only a 4 minute exposure at a very high ISO so more data required. Hope the skies are clear for you too. Thanks Again D
  5. Thank you guys for all you help, I've re-processedd the image with the help of the tutorials and am pleased with the result overall. There is still a alot of noise in the image as a result of the high ISO but for my first image i can't expect too much. Looking forward to getting out again for another crack at it. Thanks again for all your help. Any comments on the re-processed image would be gratefully appreciated. Damien
  6. Thanks Guys, Great link, I will give that a go and see if I can rescue it. It's cloudy for a few days so that will keep me occupied. Damien
  7. Damien

    Orion Nebula M42

    From the album: My Pics

  8. Hi All, Very excited about last nights imaging session, my first time ever doing prime focus imaging. I spent some time getting the best polar alingment I could and took 10 x 30 second exposures at ISO 1600 and 10 darks taken imediatley after. Stacked in DSS and processed in Photoshop CS2. Shame the central core is clipped, commets and critique welcome Regards Damien
  9. Forecast for the rest of the week is not good :-(.
  10. Thanks Guys, I am looking forward to the next clear night to get out and do some more. Hopefully the adapters for my camera will have arrived then. I will have to concentrate on Lunar as the LP around here is awful, although that will keep me happy while I get to grips with the technical aspects. D
  11. Damien

    DSC 0355

    From the album: My Pics

  12. Damien


    From the album: My Pics

  13. Cheers John, I like this image because it has a certain warm feeling to it. I think i got lucky with the exposure. I have ordered the adaptors to do prime focus, no doubt that will cover the UK in cloud for the forseeable future. I tried some widefield stuff also last night but everything had a red/orange cast to it. Will have to find a dark site. Quick question, when using the prime focus method am i doomed to the same orange result? Thanks in advance Damien
  14. Hi All, Tried this to see if it would work and am surprised with the result. I was observing last night and wondered if I could snap a shot at the eyepiece. This is my first astro pic and have now gotten the bug.
  15. Holiday form going into HR tomorrow morning. . Now I just need to buy a new tent!!!!
  16. Only in from work an hour ago and knackered. Looks fab out there but seeing what you guys are writing I think i'll get some well deserved kip!!! Nite Nite All
  17. Baker Street Irregular Astronomers are meeting tonight in Regents Park. No membership required just turn up. You can Google their website for more info.
  18. It's no problem Steve!, It's kind of funny how it turned out. I was feeling lucky with the weather and the seeing was glorious and wham, good old british weather rolls in again. Looks like everyone has had the same problem tonight. Fog is getting very dense now.
  19. Fab Pic Steve, The mount looks great. Guess I should re-name this tread!!! I think the pagan worshipers have blighted us. Next time I buy a new piece of kit i'm keeping it to myself and telling nobody!!!
  20. Second that!! hope you get it sorted Peter!!
  21. Fog in West London too. Now you can really see the orange glow!!! Just watched Cher blither her way into the X-Factor final too. It's looking good for Wednesday evening for the Barker Street Iregulars meet. If any of you guys are in London it's worth a visit. Last month there were upwards of 30 people there with lots of scopes from small maks to large APO's and dobs.
  22. Hi Steve, I was using the Heq5. Tracking and goto absolutley spot on!! and very quiet too. That'll keep the neighbours happy. Just popped in for a coffee let's hope the clouds clear soon. How's things going with your EQ6?
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