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Idea (Don't Laugh)


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OK, this might sound a bit daft at first but bear with me. My lad works at an auction house, quite a big one, they do returns from bid up tv & tescos & allsorts, anyway, the owner is a long time mate of mine and now and again, if they're a bit busy I help out. Obviously I also keep my eye on what's going.

Well, look at this ebay ad :-

**Brand New** Nottingham Rehab Bathboard on eBay (end time 18-Sep-10 20:03:47 BST)

Look at the enlargements of both his pics to see the overall quality and what they are, they are cork laminated on the top, which is a very nice quality ply, (same as the stand offs on the board pic)

I know what you're thinking, "where the hell is he going with this?"

Well, if drilled with various 2" and 1.25 inch holes, wouldn't they make rather nifty eyepiece racks? And with a bit of doctoring, and especially if you picked up one of these :-

Mobile Work Centre - Toolboxes -Tools, Electrical & Plumbing - Wickes

Wouldn't they make a nice 'inserted' eyepiece rack?

I know what you're thinking... "He's off his trolley!"

No, but you see, I know EXACTLY where that seller bought those ;) I know that he bought FIVE pallet fulls of them, I know that they are brand new and boxed, I know because it was me who carted the pallets out to his van!

Now I also know there are a further two pallets of them, and if I can get them at the same price he paid, would anybody be interested in them? Since i'd have to buy a pallet full.

I know what you're thinking... "this is not going to be financially viable, he's off his trolley!)

He paid......

get ready for it.....

50p a PALLET!! no, that's not a typo, 50p a pallet plus buyers premium which is 15%

Is it a stupid idea or would anyone want one at say 50p each plus postage?

If not an eyepiece rack you could either :-

a) Buy one for the intended use

:mad: Buy the full pallet, take them apart and build a plywood obsy!

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Hi TopHouse.

An excellent idea. I can think of uses for for 3 or 4 of these around the house straight away. But not at ebay prices! I don't know how many many are on a pallet, but at your pricing you could put me down for half a dozen boards without problem. Thanks for letting everyone know about these.

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There's about 20 on a pallet, that bloke bought 5 pallets of them at 50p per pallet lol. I know there's 2 pallets left. ;) There's also some lots of jump starters again, sometimes they go for a good price, sometimes someone gets auction fever. Auction day is Tuesday so I'll take a looky. Watch this space.

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No you are not of yer trolly :mad: , my nieghbour unloaded a dozen big sheets of marine ply the other day. My mind suddenly went KERCHING ;) MARINE PLY, must get one for alsorts of astro thingys. He is a great guy, yes I have a sheet :mad:.

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Great, I don't want the mods thinking this is a for sale thing really as it isn't, I just wanted to see if the interest was there on them before I attempt to get them, because it's an auction there's no promises, and if I get them I'll put notice in the proper place, but because of what they are used for, they are obviously good ply, and that cork facing, to me just screamed out eyepiece rack. I'll let you know how I get on with them.

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Hi again. If you are successful in your bid, please let me know by PM. I will definitely take 6 boards, if available. You can see by my number of posts that the items on sale section is not visible to me yet. The only alternative is to be very active in posting in the next couple of days! Thanks.

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OK, I've got them, but, according to history, nothing runs smoothly for me, there's always a hitch!

I had a lot on today, so I wrote a note for one of the lads that said :-

"Last week, these went at 50p a pallet, put me in at the 50p and if necessary I'll go to £1"

Then I went off and did what I had to do, went back to the auction, asked the lad, "did I get them" to which he said "yes" so, I run up to the office to pay, and the amount I get told isn't 50p + tax & premium etc it's a bit more, because the IDIOT has bid on them per item!!!


All is not lost, because an 'item' isn't actually "an item" it's a box, each box contains FOUR of the boards. I'll post photos later and add something in the for sale section, the offset is though that instead of doing them at 50p, I'll have to do them at £1 each and best option is to do them in fours since that's what they are boxed in for some obscure reason. Keep an eye on the for sale section.

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There is plenty of money to be made from this kind of gear, the only things you need are storage, the ability to sit on an item while it trickles out and a very good courier with rock bottom prices.

Oh and a good knowledge of eVilbay

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OK, I got my finger out and got the boxes weighed etc, postage would be 5:95 + VAT whether you have 1 box or two boxes, they are 11KG each box so royal snail would be extortionate, this is best deal I could find, 3 day delivery with home delivery network.

So, there are 4 of the bathboards to a box, I can't split boxes as it would be a packaging nightmare.

I have 14 boxes available.

If it's OK with mods, seems a shame moving this into for sale section now, I'm happy to do it by PM, I obviously didn't start it in for sale section as at the time I didn't have them and hence couldn't offer them for sale, yes it's compliated lol but if necessary please move to for sale.

VAT on 5.95 makes it to 6.99 so, £7 postage be it one or two boxes (same price up to 25KG, so that makes £11 for one box or £15 for two. Paypal preferred.

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