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  1. Just watched the last episode of The Sky at night that featured Sir Patrick Moore, anybody else moved to tears? I honestly didn't know how much of an impression the man had on my life.RIP Sir Pat thanks to all, and long may his legacy continue.
  2. a wee bit blown out in some places but the clarity is great man.
  3. orange mush here in ayrshire ! see what happens later...
  4. Thanks Lorne ! another keyboard gets soaked !
  5. I get a "404 - website not found" error Robbie same here dude !
  6. could possibly trigger another ice age(but without the ice just the cloud !)
  7. makes you wonder who authourises this nonsense and why the sam hill they gettin paid for it?!
  8. brilliant thread but I need to go have a lie down now !
  9. the sense of togetherness is fantastic eh ?
  10. g'day mate dims for the skymax 127 are as follows tube width= 143mm tube length= 320mm would'nt know about the 102 though hope that helps:icon_salut:
  11. End of an era indeed, good luck to the crew and if you are paying attention Mr Obama get yer finger out !
  12. ho ho haha otters what are they like ?
  13. oops ! i was looking without seeing:icon_salut:
  14. mr wet and murky that owns all the wet and murky things in wet and murky land......well ayrshire anyway ! did see the moon last night for about 3 seconds before it vanished behind some serious nearious thunder clouds !
  15. dare i say it ? it's an otter conspiracy theory !
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