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Incorrect Corrector lens?

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Hi all. I have a 6" celestron SCT and I've notice that the corrector lens (the bit of glass at the front?) appears to have white streaks on the inside. I've attached an image to show you what I mean. I've upped the levels so the photo shows more clearly.

Is this a problem? If so can I repair it or would it be best done buy an expert?

Thanks in advance.



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An update: I've just clean the lens and removed lots of debris from the secondary (very gently). I took a flat before and one after I clean the scope and the difference is quite amazing. The amount of noise in the post clean flat is just a little less than half of the pre clean flat. Optics look so much clearer too.

Many thanks for the help & advice all and FLO for supplying me with the cleaning fluid and cloth so quickly.


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