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To much kit

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Well guys gals i think the time has come to take stock of the kit that i own because of the amount of cloudy nights we get and the amount of observing nights we get which ain't many and seem to be gettin less i have decided to have a big sell off but what to keep? so your comments would be appreciated the kit to choose from.

1 / 16" Dob f4.5

1/5" TMB APO f7

1/ 4" Fluorite apo f9

1 4" ED Refractor f6.3

12" SCT f 10

Think i would like to have 3 scopes even if i buy 1 new one perhaps 10 newt

so what do you think, 1 would be in the observatory, i would be just for the planets, 1 for star party's. I also have others which i can sell without a second thought so i have just put down the ones i like most.

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Depending on how much effort the 16" is to setup and use i'de keep it as it's the largest aperture you have and will show most visually. I'de also keep one of the APO's, probably the 5" as the TMB is a work of art. The 12" SCT can be your obs scope and has enough aperture to show lots and is flexible enough for most targets.

You could sell the 16" and buy a 10" dob that is MUCH easier to setup and use perhaps too. You'de then be cash rich and could buy a new observatory or you could donate one of those other APO's to me :laugh:

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