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Double Cluster in Perseus - widefield!


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Attached is a first 'quick and dirty' process of the Double Cluster - one of my favourite visual objects, even in a small scope like the Tak TSA102s...

I've moved on now from M45!

I have to thank previous posters 'Catanonia' and 'Vega' for their inspiration to try and image this subject :)...

Taken on 3rd Jan 2010

Scope: Tak FSQ106-EDX

Mount: Tak EM400

Camera: SBIG ST4000XCM - self guiding @ -20 degrees

40 x 120sec exposures at f3.6 (with tak focal reducer) and the Hutech LPF-V2.

Probably didn't need to use the LP filter(!) as if memory serves, the scope was pointing virtually straight up.... also achieved amazing guiding RMS figures of around 0.2!

With 20 dark frames, and...

20 flats and 20 dark flats applied (with EL panel) - again, using the better 1.3sec (but not quite aligned) ones from my M45 thread - must endeavor to take these at the same time as the light frames next time! ;)

Aligned and drizzle stacked in Nebulosity2 on an Apple PowerBook G4.

Only a small amount of processing in Photoshop (levels and curves) with a little Noel's Actions applied also!

Hoping to have another go tomorrow processing as I'm at home (closer to my parents), while my dad has a big operation.... fingers crossed....

I'll also post a closer view too!

Any tips welcome!




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That is a cracker Tak Man. It is like a load of salt spread out on a black tablecloth, with two crushed sugar lumps side by side.

A few hundreds an thousands for a dash of colour.

A very poor description of your excellent Image.


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Thanks for the kind comments guys - glad you liked it! ;)

Here is my take on the Televue 'Majesty Factor' advertising gumph!!! :)

This is far more 'fun' than processing M45, but learning all the time!



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Thanks for the feedback Olly! ;)

Taken a look again with fresh eyes - and an adjust of the monitor and it's there :) (green cast) - especially in the original post.... have tried again + close up as promised!

Thanks for looking!

Clear skies...





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