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Mars 18/01/10 e-sketch


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Attempted to put my Mars sketch into a computer sketch, may not have worked very well, but here goes.......


Not a lot of detail was observed, I guessed there may have been a dust storm brewing. Sketched what I could decern, then checked the Mars Previewer, which matched up very well, so, I was chuffed.

The NPC was very prominent with the dark region Mare Boreum surrounding it. The darkening of Baltia is to the NE of the NPC.

Desert area Chryse was observed on the eastern limb, the dark region to the immediate north is Niliacus Lacus. Note to the SE where Solis Lacus lies, a large white cloud, observed in all filters used, especially 80A Blue.

Mare Sirnum was observed toward the southern limb.

Orientation N...top E... right.


2255 - 2310 ut 18/01/10

278mm F/10 SCT

13mm Nagler and 90* diag =X219

Filters,Y2 yellow, YA2 orange,

80 blue and 25A red.


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