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What attachments?


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Hi All

As you know I have recently bought a Canon 450D and want to attach it to my Meade LX200

I have been told by one company I need a T adapter and a sch adapter and then another company told me I would also need something called a live screen (think thats what he said)

Can anyone advise....I want to connect the cam to the scope and iomage everything from deep sky to lunar...what attachments do I need????


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You may already have a SCT to T thread adaptor with the Lx200. Some of the 1.25" adaptors have an external T thread.

You'll also need a T2 camera adaptor for the EOS; this allows you to connect the body of the camera to the T thread.

Basically.... that's it!

Having said that... the Lx200 f10 focal length doesn't give a very wide field and many users of the LX200 put a reducer on the back of the scope (x0.63 is very popular) and a T thread extension to bring the distance between the reducer and the CCD chip to close to 110mm. In this case you'd have:

Rear cell> SCT x0.63 reducer>SCT to T thread > 20mm(?) T thread extension>T2-OES adaptor> Canon camera body.

Hope this helps.


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I didnt know the camera could that live view thing :-)

Theres obviously an lcd screen on the back which displays the image the lens is seeing but obviously at night it aint much use....not connected the cam to the scope yet but maybe do tonight if the clouds stay away


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