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low power eyepiece to work in fast scopes

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Any suggestions for a low power eyepiece which i can use in my f6 Newt?

I had settled on the Celestron Ultima/Orion Ultrascopics. Owned these before and they are superb.

But now there's the X-Cels and Hyperion's etc. Not really interested in a 2" eyepiece. The 30mm ones have been okay in a slow scope but soft in a fast scope. I'd rather just have a super sharp 52 FOV, than 80 FOV that's sharp on axis only.

Anyone have any ideas? My budget is around price of the Hyperions/Ultimas...so £70.

Unless someone has a Panoptic to sell, in which case i could go too £100 and you would tell me to sling my hook!



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I can't recommend the x-cels they really got on my nerves with kidney beaning. The LV's are better apparently. The ultimas get a good rap, as do the Meade 5000's. Obviously the naglers are tops but a little over budget. The TV plossls also get good write ups, but not sure they are MUCH better than normal plossls. The panoptic would be idea or maybe the radian, if you can find one in budget.

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If you can handle getting the eye placement right, the Ultima 35mm is a nice eyepiece. Sharp across it's 49 degree field - just about as wide a field as you can squeeze out of a 31.7mm barrel.

Alternatively I can recommend the Ultima 30mm (52 degrees) or the Tele Vue 32mm Plossl (50 degrees) - both very sharp, well made and top quality optics.

All should be in your price range (used or on special offer).


North Somerset

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