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Hi Steve,

Yes i use a Celestron 9mm Ortho. Used to have a 6mm and 18mm too. They are all circa 1988 and came with an Orange Tube C8 I bought secondhand in 1990. I replaced the 6mm with a 5mm Lanthanum and replaced 18mm with a 20mm Orion Ultrascopic. Kept the 9mm because it's a really nice eyepiece for planetary views and it's narrow FOV makes it good for getting objects onto the Toucam chip.

I wouldn't buy one again because the Celestron Ultima/Orion Ultrascopic/Antares Elite are very nearly as sharp/contrasty but with much improved eye relief/FOV. Basically they perform as well as a Ortho but are very comfortable to use too.


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Because recently I 'discovered' Orthoscopic eyepieces and was blown away :) 

I came across two (4mm & 12.5mm) secondhand, really cheap, and decided to give them a try.  I was viewing the moon thru my 10" f5 dob' a set of Meade series 4000 Super Plossls and a Meade 13.8 SWA ... when I remembered the orthoscopics.  I popped them in and immediately noticed their extra clarity, bite and contrast ... even when compared to the 13.8 SWA.  Yes, the field of view is a bit tight but they are sharp right to the edge, the eye-relief is comfortable (I don't wear glasses) and I cannot detect a single optical flaw.  For lunar, globulars and planets they are great.  I am now slowly building up a collection of orthoscopics - they generally go for around £15 on ebay. 

Whilst I can see the attraction of 'space-walking' thru the latest wide-field super-dupers ... I cant help but think we have thrown the baby out with the bathwater. 

Steve  :)

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