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Setting manual exposure time stupid questionHELP!


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Hi all, hope this is the right forum section for this post?

Anyway, I've just started to use my canon EOS 400D for imaging. I must add I'm no expert with this cam, I just point and shoot at most items at the best of times lol.

I took some pics of the moon (good place to start hey) before I got an old lap top and I just set the ISO via the camera and just pressed the take the pic button by hand, now to say that I took the pics via this very crude method I got some nice pics (well to me anyway). I've now got my old lap top so i can remote set and take the pics like all the threads say. Now I've read the book and nowhere does it tell you how to set the exposure time, can someone please help me with this please. Oh I took the pics via my Tak fs 102 and I know it has a WFOV which left the moon in the center of the pics so that I have to zoom in with the soft ware to get the detail, how do I save the detailed (zoomed in) pic???

I'm really sorry to be asking such stupid questions but I'm determined to perceiver with it until I get an understand:iamwithstupid:

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Or get a timer remote from ebay for about £30. As for the zoom in... what you need to do is to crop rather than zoom. Whatever image editing package you are using should have a crop tool, select that, select the region you want to keep and click the accept.

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I assume you are using the Canon Utilities software and a USB connection to the camera?

The "Camera settings -remote shooting" screen, should show all the camera settings (NB set the knob on the camera body to M (manual)

Highlight the exposure, top middle of the window, then go down to the blue arrow buttons below the middle screen and click on the up or down arrow to change the setting.

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