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  1. Thank you for your other comments also, all good points. I do appreciate what your saying here I really do and I'm sorry if it comes over like a lecture, not my intentions at all. But a 'few' past experiences of selling (not on here I must add) have been, shall we say not nice ones. And this may have 'jaded' my comments. But I was just being honest as I just don't have the time.
  2. Only one imo (and others) can come close to the Tak and that's the Astro-Physics Traveler or maybe the televue, Altair never heard of them. I did put this against a WO and the difference was vast at the same object but you pays your money and makes your choice people.
  3. Many thanks John for that, clear forgot how to add pics, as you can tell I'm always posting pics!!! Oh heres a pic of the ring neb I took years ago with the tak, no stacking, just one pic with a SLR. Goodness knows what kind of pics you can take nowadays.
  4. Ok price depends on what you want and yes maybe I should have made this clear. if you just want the scope, case, finder mount, finder and cam its £1525 remember it also has the Starlight Instruments Feather Touch. Ask yourself where can you buy another scope like this for £1500 that will keep its value (if looked after that is) and NOT drop to 50% as soon as you walk out of the shop? Also when did you see one for sale last?? I also have an Orion Optics 9x50 right angled view finder with a jap cross hair EP which I use on this scope (did use when I could see that is, I should mention my eyesi
  5. Like a tyre kicker, you know the ones that just come to test drive your car and kick the tyres with no intension of ever buying it lol. Now a scope kicker will want a full night viewing at their house, they will connect their cams etc, drop a few EPs on your paintwork and also if your unlucky they'll somehow drop their laser pen on your lens as they laser your Fluorite as they've seen this on youtube whilst they check to see if its true about the coating. After you've driven some 200 miles and had a great night viewing they say "thanks I'm off to bed, sorry cant make you a coffee, no milk, I
  6. Sorry if this as posted twice mods. After not using this scope due to eye problems for the last 7 years I'm putting out feelers to see if anyone would be interested. It comes with a Starlight Instruments Feather Touch which was fitted in 2010 at a cost of £259.99. I've not put pics up because you all know what this scope is and if interested I'll pop some on before you come and view her. It was inspected by Dr Lee at Green-witch and has never been used since. I liken this scope to a classic car, it can only go up in price. I'm sure I have the original finder scope somewhere also, yes it has
  7. Going to play devils advocate here, there are far better books/skymaps etc to purchase out there so make sure its for you!
  8. A good scope is one that gets used, I always think that quality speaks for its self. There are some very nice deals to be had on second hand scopes on fleebay but buyer beware. I must admit to liking a good refractor (personal choice). Tak, tele, wo, and some Meade's/sky watches are also good. It depends on what you view etc etc. It would be so nice to say one scope does all. The closest one I've come to is the cel 9.25 but once again it down to budget. No help really was I.
  9. Heres 3 pics, if I've uploaded correctly, no stacking, no alterations just out of a standard canon, no long exposures max 30sec I have no idea how to mod or stack pics oh their not even in RAW just jpg so even though I think the SPX build from the factory is poor, they still do the job with a little time and extra cash! which of course you should'nt need to do.
  10. Taking this one step further, look how we treat other life forms here on earth, we kill and eat them, beat them and make them work for us or we just destroy their habitat. we harm the earth. Yet we would demand respect from an ET, they would terminate us as a hostile parasite, well I would!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. I have the a 1-10 spx 250 and you are lucky my friend. To cut a long story short its great now I've sorted it out. It came with the mirror loose and other basic defects which it shouldn't have. IMHO they rush them out and dont give a damn. Dont get me wrong I love mine and it takes pics far better then my Tak which is saying something but the build quality from the unit is poor and the focuser (the upgrade one) is really a peace of junk which as to be replaced with a moonlite or starlight one. These are my findings after paying close to £1100 for one.
  12. I dont think its a simple case of other life out there, it's a case of time. There as been or there will be life as intelligent (I'm saying this very loosely) as us. Its just that we won't peak at the same time. They are all dead (killed themselves no doubt) or they are still at the green water stage, does this make sense or is the wine talking:confused: look at us 100 years ago and think about the next 100, will we still be here??? so if a race peaks and can communicate for only 100-200 years there no chance of meeting us or a race going on to travel the stars, if they are like us they will
  13. Hi Folks, I may have posted a half complete post on this, me and my big fingers and key boards dont mix, if so can a mod please remove the incomplete one. Now over the year I've used about every supplier going, some good some not so good but in general I've had no problems. The test of any company is how they help you sort out a non standard problem or when something goes wrong. I have a Takahashi FS 102 and it was a bit poorly:( for some reason the pinion was out of alignment (yes bent). So I thought I would try two options: get a new one or purchase the Starlight feather touch focuser, hummm
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