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My first moon. 19 June 2024

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This is my first ever proper lunar image. taken using my ASI 2600mc while I await the arrival of a new (second hand) lunar/planetery camera.

Seeing was awful, moon was very low, my collimation (8" LX200GPS) was off and I really didnt have much of a clue what I was doing 🤣 This was the best 30% of each of two panels (just too big for my FOV). Processing was in Autostakkert, Registax and Astrosurface stiched together in ICE and finished in PS to try to bring out some of the mineral colours. i was only getting around 8 FPS but I'm not sure if that means anything?

I'd really appreciate some critique and suggestions on how best to improve. But i think in honesty the first thing is I need a better night with better seeing.



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