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Mount Counterweights

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Segueing off the long thread on "value for money," I decided to look into the practicality of DIY'ing mount counterweights.

Geoptik sells a 10kg counterweight for 94 EUR ex-VAT.


Now all of the online metal stores I can find will sell a 10kg rough-turned 303 stainless steel bar (76mm diameter, 280mm long) for.. around 160-200 GBP!

Although this outfit "only" wants 105 GBP ex-VAT... https://www.1stchoicemetals.co.uk/product/3-76-2mm-4/

What gives?

I know Astro-Physics counterweights are really made of stainless steel... same with Planewave and Bisque.

I suppose these other brands are using painted mild steel?

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How much space have you got under the mount and tripod. Weightlifting weights are dirt cheap and you can stack 1-2kg ones up as their diameters aren't too large, the bar will have to be something like an all thread and the weights locked in place with large washers and flanged nuts. Far far cheaper.

Other solutions people have done is pour concrete into a tin.

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I've used the "gym weights sandwiched between the existing weights" trick before.  With a 3D printer, it's trivial to make a sleeve so that the gym weight doesn't wobble on the CW shaft (gym weights are normally 1" ID, but most CW shafts are 20mm or 18mm).

I was hoping to DIY something less agricultural. I had heard some folks 3D print a shell and then put fishing weights and epoxy inside. But fishing weights aren't cheap either... maybe cement is the way to go.

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It's why I suggested large washers and flanged nuts, they lock tight and don't move easily. I did mention use an all thread bar, it wouldn't work on a smooth bar as there's no thread for the nuts to screw onto either side of the weight plates.

You can also line the contact faces of the washers with adhesive rubber to add further friction, paired with the large surface area of large washers should be sufficient grip.

Or you can bind the weights all together and pack the centre holes. There's lots of ways to go about it.

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Just go to the scrap yard and buy a round or square lump of metal of the weight desired, for me under 1 euro, and put a threaded rod in the base of the smooth cunterweight bar and then drill a hole in the scrap metal equal to the diameter of the threaded rod, then affix with a nut. Use the proprietry weights for fine tuning. 1-2 euros or £0.80-1.75. It may look a tad rough but its dark 😁

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Easiest way, see a roofer or builder, get a bit of lead flashing, cut it into a strip , say 50mm wide and long enough for to be heavy enough. Wrap it neatly iaround your balance bar. job done. Collar to hold it in place from ebay for a couple of quid. Or just roll it around the balance rod  tighter.

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I have used gym weights to good effect, but when I was really desperate I punched a hole through a biscuit tin, filled it full of rocks, taped the lid on then held it on the shaft with jubilee clips. 
You couldn’t see it in the dark.

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