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Svbony zoom EPs on sale

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On 06/09/2023 at 14:02, HarryLP said:

I experienced no 'clicks' as it moved through the range, appeared to focus (with slight adjustment) in any position not just the marked positions - is this normal

For this zoom - yes, there are no click stops.

Others have them, like SvBONY's 3-8mm zoom.

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After reading these posts I took the plunge and ordered the SV191 which arrived yesterday.

As is typical when you order something new the clouds had started rolling in last night but did manage 10 minutes on Jupiter when there was a break in the clouds. What can I say! Even though the seeing conditions were poor and the wind was shaking the scope the views I had of Jupiter were very good, the zoom was nice and smooth and the optics were crisp and sharp throughout all the magnifications. I did try to view a few stars but the viewing conditions had deteriorated by then so can’t really give a definitive review on them.

From this initial use I can’t wait to try it out when the skies are clear as it seems to be a very good zoom eyepiece and we’ll worth the money.

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Sv215 £75.48 on the 23rd Nov in the BF sale on Ali Exp.

On the svbony listing it also say's £3 off for every £15 spent on 23.11 so potentially one could get the sv215 for £60 +p&p and vat.

This gets very good reviews on CN  and also from John here at SGL as a worth while buy.

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