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A question on Northern lights?

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23 hours ago, Paul M said:

Way to go.

I've seen 2 total solar eclipses, both with just my eyes and eclipse glasses (outside of totality).

We travelled to Turkey for our second eclipse. Right on the center line. I booked 12 months in advance, having done much homework.

We walked down to the beach for totally, where we saw the Sky & Telescope eclipse  expedition set up on the beach. Loads of fancy kit and cameras. All poised for those few minutes of immersion in the Moon's shadow. Anoraks and wooley hays abound.

Me, bare feet on the sand in my Speedos, seeing it, feeling it.

Some things have to be experienced, rather than recorded.




Not sure about the Speedos in upstate NY in April 2024. My best man for our wedding is American and now lives again slap bang in the line of totality. 

If we go, it will be for our honeymoon.

2-3 weeks.

Let's wait and see.



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17 hours ago, LukeSkywatcher said:

Not sure about the Speedos in upstate NY in April 2024

Ah! That's no problem! This isn't me, I can't play guitar. He is a "thing" though : 


And remember, what goes on honeymoon stays on honeymoon. 🙈🙉🙊 

Naked City Greeting Cards (Page #5 of 15) - Fine Art America

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