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Canon EOS 5D

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500mm FL and 5.36um pixels gives an image scale of 2.21arsec/pixel, which is probably Undersampling,.

If your Netherlands "Seeing" is similar to the UK.

I expect others will disagree.....  !


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15 hours ago, Ags said:

I see these can be picked up for about €200 second hand. Would it be a good idea to get one and have it Astro modified? I would use it with a 500 mm focal length APO. I am guessing getting a bigger sensor is a better idea than getting a smaller telescope?


A Canon 5d is nearly 20 years old! You'll be hanging quite a lump of weight off the back of your telescope and getting a very small screen at the back. It would be worth spending the extra few pounds to get the 6D which had a much better full frame sensor (although lacking many of the Pro features of the 5 series). Of course if your telescopes can't provide an image circle for a full frame sensor you'd be better with a much newer and lighter APS-C format camera.

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