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ngc 2537 and ic 2233 in Lynx


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ngc 2537, aka Bear Paw Galaxy, aka Bear Claw Nebula is a blue compact dwarf galaxy in the constellation Lynx. The galaxy has an intricate morphology, which is far too small and detailed to be picked up by my gear from a location in Northern Europe. Nevertheless, I had a stab at it. The galaxy has several interesting H-alpha regions, just waiting to be imaged by anyone with a 1 m telescope in the Atacama desert.

Also in the fov is the edge on low surface brightness galaxy ic 2233.

ngc 2537 is about 22 million lightyears distant, while ic 2233 is almost twice as far away, so these two galaxies are not interacting with each other. In Simbad, ngc 2537 is classified as "interacting galaxies", but I found no references for this classification.

Star formation in ngc 2537 has been catalogued and modeled in this publication: https://aas.aanda.org/articles/aas/pdf/2000/15/h1871.pdf

Technical data:

SW 190MN telescope with ZWO ASI294MM camera

18 x 5 minutes Optolong Blue filter, 9 x 5 minutes Optolong Red and Green filters. Total exposure time: 3 hours.

I had to image this object over a period of several nights due to poor weather conditions.



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12 hours ago, tomato said:

Nice capture, easy to see how NGC 2356 got its very descriptive name.

I would like to have a go at this one if the permacloud ever clears.


On 19/02/2023 at 22:06, gorann said:

But it is there, I can see the bear paw! IC2233 also seems to be a task for a big aperture desert dweller.


12 hours ago, Mr Spock said:

Nice image. I've not seen that one before 👍

Thank you, gentlemen.

In the mean time, I've had the opportunity to capture Ha, but so far I haven't succeeded in combining that with the RGB data the way I want to. Next week I'll have a few days off from work, and can hopefully finish this project.

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