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IC 443 - The Jellyfish that nearly blew away


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Almost didn't setup last night with the winds gusting to 25mph in my corner of East Anglia.


I'm glad I did though, because even with the guiding struggling (had to drop to 1s guide exposures to try and counteract as best as possible) and the clouds blasting through on occasion, I was able to get some decent data, and push my processing skills a little more....


Struggled to deal with the big star top right, and ended up having to clone stamp out the halo - which I'm sure isn't for the purist!


Just under 10 hours of data all told;


45x 300sec HA

18x 300sec Sii

18x 300sec Oiii

23x300s Luminance


Captured with my  533MM Pro, ZWO 7nm filters, William Optics FLT91, EQ6R Pro - Bortle 5 Skies


Comments and critique appreciated!



IC443 Jellyfish Nebula.png

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2 hours ago, simmo39 said:

Looking good, I looked outside last night and could not beleve how clear it was but the wind was putting me off. Wish I had set up now.

I was in two minds, but as the forecast here for the next 7 days looks to be awful I figured I'd give it a stab.  My guiding was rotten, but I managed to keep it mostly below my imaging scale for most of the evening, bar a couple of really strong gusts that ruined some subs, and a couple of others that got trashed by fast moving clouds.


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