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It's been nearly two years since I imaged the Pleiades with a modified Canon 100D just as I was starting in this hobby.  Since then the bank balance has taken a beating and I hope my skills in acquisition and processing have developed a bit.  I took advantage of two clear nights to capture 9.5hrs of good 300s subs (lost a load to fog) using the Redcat51 and ASI2600MC with a Baader Moon & Skyglow filter.  Stacked in Siril, processed in Siril, GIMP, StarnetV2 and TopazAI. C&C welcome.


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On 19/12/2022 at 14:59, simmo39 said:

That looks great!

Thanks Simmo.


On 20/12/2022 at 10:40, MartinB said:

That's beautiful Jody.  I love that transition between the reflection nebulosity and the less illuminated dust.  Very impressive.  It looks like you have a dark sky

Thanks Martin.  I'm in a Bortle 4 possibly 3 towards the zenith.  It took a lot of self control not to push that less illuminated dust further!

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