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  1. One from back in January when I was shooting the Rosette. Caught the ISS shooting for the Moon too!
  2. I saw that one, comparably slow from above to horizon about SSE, lasted for about 3-4 seconds. Unfortunately my camera was facing the opposite way! Typical. Also missed the one last night.
  3. Thought I'd use the bright moon to highlight a characterful subject and make the most of the clear skies. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Burrow_Mump
  4. Hi Dave, Welcome from a fellow Somersetian - Langport direction. I've got a 150p and have managed to get some reasonable pics through it but I needed to shorten the tube by 15mm to achieve focus with a DSLR.
  5. Nice work Adrian, I take it you are enjoying the RedCat!? Jody
  6. Fantastic, great image! Something to aspire toward... I can see more gear purchases in the future! Jody
  7. Hi Paul, I'm Bortle 4 (21.3 mag). So not too bad when looking up toward the meridian. I have towns on most horizons though so anything below 30deg has a nice glow! Jody
  8. Hi all My second proper attempt at deep sky imaging. 2.5hrs of 300s lights, 50 darks, 25 flats & biases. RedCat51 - Canon D100a - Optolong UHC Filter - AVX - ASIAIR Pro. DSS then GIMP for editing. Thought's, guidance, tips and tricks all welcome. Jody
  9. Lovely Ha images. Nice pairing with the Redcat and the ASI1600MM you can even just make out the double star Epsilon Monocerotis in your Rosette, nicely done especially unguided.
  10. I definitely do! It can be very frustrating at times but it's amazing what can be achieved with a little perseverance... The Chromebook is not a bad bit of kit and if it had another 4Gb of memory I'm sure it would work well for the tools available. Unfortunately my memory isn't expandable so I'm stuck with 4Gb which works fine for DSS and Siril but GIMP kills it!
  11. It's a great bit of kit. I have an un-modded Canon 6D too so want to try it at full frame next and see what the results are like but realise I will need more lights and exposure time to bring out details. I had a couple of attempts at imaging with my SW 150p (I slightly shortened the tube to get focus and have the coma corrector) and the 6D but didn't manage to get enough subs to get anything of any quality. The Redcat is a great weight for my AVX mount (I was getting around 1.2RMS showing in the ASIAIR) and built in BM works wonders.
  12. I don't mind at all! What I really enjoy about astrophotography is that there is so much to learn and improve upon. It's quite addictive, I do feel a little thankful that we have a fair bit of cloud about otherwise I would be a mess at work! Thanks for the tips Adrian. I will google some GIMP tutorials on gradient tools, I'm sure there is something available and will try it out. What you have done looks great and makes some of the lighter nebulosity around the Rosette stand out more. I played with the individual RGB channel curves but that green removal has worked wonders. I am curr
  13. Hi all. Pretty new here so thought I'd share my first go with the Redcat and Canon d100 (Baader mod), also my first proper planned attempt at deep sky imaging. Lots of moonglow and battling clouds (also powerpack death) but 66mins of lights (180s), 25 darks, 25 flats and 30 bias frames. Stacked in DSS and edited in GIMP. Guiding on an AVX mount with ASIAIR Pro. Thanks for looking, comments and tips welcome. Jody
  14. Strange. However when I ran through the process I didn't get any error messages about disk space. It took an awfully long time, about an hour and half including the ripping using Win32 Disk imager. Did you keep the image as a file or have you got to go through the whole process again?
  15. Did you do a FAT32 Format of the card before you tried to create the Boot disk?
  16. What Micro SD card did you use? I managed to find the same as was supplied with the ASIAIR which is a San Disk Ultra 32GB HC 1.
  17. This is what I see. You'll have to ignore the PMAC data file type... I'm on my work PC and that's software that opens something else.
  18. Windows. I'm actually a Chromebook user so borrowed a friends PC to make the SD card.
  19. Hi all. Been watching/reading from afar but being a new ASIAIR Pro user I spent a lot of time on google whilst the clouds covered everything. Found this great YouTube vid on making a Back Up, which worked well for me. I now have 2 SD cards that can boot the ASIAIR if needed. Hope it is of help. Jody
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