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Polar alignment

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Hi all,

Sorry to be asking questions about this but I have watched so many videos etc and I thought I had it sorted.

I set my HEQ5 Pro up nice & level pointing the N leg approx. to Polaris/NCP. Then used the method from the PS Align app to centre Polaris on NCP in the reticle, then use Alt to move it down to the bottom of the ring for zero position. Then, set the reticle to the correct orientation and use Alt/Az to place Polaris correctly.

I thought I had it all sorted but then, looking through my main scope (C925 with 40mm eyepiece) I couldn’t see Polaris at all, it seemed like it was pointing too low.

I had expected Polaris to be pretty close the centre of the FoV, was that wrong?

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The PS ALign suggestion to center Polaris in the view of the polarscope is just the first rough part of the PA process. The next step is to move Polaris to the outer ring at the 'clock position' shown by PS Align, I don't see the need to do the move to the bottom of the ring (unless that's the suggested position of polaris).

Once that is done correctly if you rotate the mount around then Polaris will stay in the outer circle, meaning your aix is pointed at the NCP.

I would not expect to see Polaris in the main scope view unless I asked the mount to go it.  And as @scotty38 has said, the scope may be at any position, even when at home position Polaris is not likely to be in the view.  Your are aligning the mount axis at this stage not the scope.

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Thanks; I guess the thing was, when I did it, the suggested position of Polaris was only 13 minutes from the zero position, so it was all pointing in the right general direction!

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