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ASIair plus experience?


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Interested to hear about peoples experience with ASIair plus and use in EVAA.

What benefits does it bring to EVAA?

Also does it support cameras other than ASI ZWO cameras, for example Lodestar x2? 






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Apart from certain DSLR cameras it only works with ZWO cameras.

My experience with the ASIair plus for imaging has been excellent. It simply does what it says on the tin basically, and reliably.

I can’t comment on the ASI for EVAA because I haven’t done that. I am aware that over time they have been developing the app to offer EVAA features like live integration etc. I must give it a go sometime. Hopefully someone will answer your question. 

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Yes the Asiair Pro/Plus do 'Live stacking' see here first link I spotted so not expecting that to be the best tutorial. I've never used the original but as other Raspberry Pi astro products do stacking (e.g stellarmate) it likely does.

Sharpcap (PC) has that feature too and supports other camera brands.


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The asiair only supports zwo products and some canon and Nikon DSLRs.

The eeva works exactly like AP imaging, though it stacks in real time which you can see on screen via the app, images can also be saved for AP post processing if desired.

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