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The busy area around Sadr


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This is what my wide-field Samyang 135 captured while piggy backing on my dual-RASA8 rig aiming at Barnard 343 (the RASA image posted here yesterday).

Apart from many well-known objects, including the Crescent Nebula, I like the 3D feeling given by the ringed tube-like red nebulosity extending towards the center from the lower left. I have added about 50% RASA data to some parts of the image. Even if the moon was at 75% (but close to the horizon) my Bortle 2-3 sky may have helped while I was shooting between the clouds.

Material and Methods:  Samyang 135mm (@f/2) with an Omegon veTEC571C and IDAS NBZ dual-band filter (Ha+Oiii). 39 x 5 minutes, so just over 3 hours. Processed in PI and PS, including StarXTerminator.

Cheers, Göran

20221112 B343 SY135 PS19smallSign.jpg

Screenshot 2022-11-15 at 11.25.53.png

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5 minutes ago, tomato said:

Very nice, great colour in the Crescent Nebula for such a short integration time. I didn't know you had gone down the 'budget' IMX571 camera route, but presumably not purchased direct from China?

Thanks Steve! Well I also have three ASI2600MC, but when I realized I needed one more (at least) I took the chance on the Omegon variant. Great thing with it is that you can buy it from European dealers and with a warranty (Omegon is a brand owned by Astroshop.eu but this camera is made by Touptek but in a Omegon designed casing). Mine has worked just fine so far after I started running it from NINA. It even has a anti-dew heater (at least there is a function in NINA that allows me to turn a heater on and off so I guess it is there). No fog issues so far.

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27 minutes ago, The Admiral said:

Very nice Göran, it looks like an old master in some ways.


Thanks a lot Ian! I see what you mean and agree - I sometimes get this feeling about some astro images.

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5 hours ago, wimvb said:

This is a fantastic image with the soap bubble clearly defined. And lots of other detail as well.


3 hours ago, symmetal said:

Thanks for posting Göran. Lots of fine detail shown even in areas which don't have a designation. And plenty of colour too. 😊


Thanks so much Wim and Alan, much appreciated! And needed after two weeks of clouds, and apparently at least one more cloudy week coming up....

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