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I've managed to get StarXterminator confused

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Lately, I seem to be developing a dubious knack of getting processing tools to generate output far from what was intended. I have had a few highly entertaining results from APP's mosaic integration tool, and this has now been delivered as a starless image from StarXterminator.

The original image was a processed and stretched tiff file from StarTools, which I have used StarXterminator on successfully many times in the past, so I'm at a loss to account for what has gone wrong this time. Still, maybe it gives a distorted insight into how the algorithm works.


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In previous versions of StarXT I also had these squares turning up occasionally, but never as psychedelic as yours Steve! Obviously that super-intelligent program divides the task up in squares. I assume you will send it to Russ so he can figure it out.

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I've seen something similar with StarNet2 when I have a linear image and don't put a tick in the box.

The latest PI version of StarXterminator doesn't have this tick box but earlier versions did, so are you trying to remove that stars from a linear image which StarXT thinks in non-linear?

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