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Highly portable EEA device


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Hi guys, I come back with some feedbacks about the Astrowl Box.

First the official website is now opened : www.astrowlbox.com and ready to give you informations.

The full documentation is available online and will give a full view of Astrowl Box functionalities.

Last release of internal software brings new great features :
- Lots of parameters are now managed automatically by the internal software, so Contrast, Brightness, Saturation, RGB colors are not anymore manually set. You just need to set Gain and Exposure if you switch to expert mode.
- From stack view, the software will continue to automaticaly align and stack frames, you can on your hand decide to apply some filters like sharpen, blur and more sophisticated filters like Wiener Deconvolution or Richardson Lucy Deconvolution.

If you are interested to get ones or want some more informations don't hesitat to contact me.

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I just stumbled across this thread and the product looks quite interesting.  I was considering a Revolution 2 imager since I'd prefer to do EAA without needing to drag out a laptop or tablet, but the number of cables and reportedly obtuse UI really made me hesitate.  This looks (potentially) like a good solution.



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Hi guys, the new release of the astrowl box internal software increase a lot sensitivity. Following are some pictures done with a 130mm apo refractor with total exposure around 2 mn (M13, M17, Dumbell and M16)





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