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playing out on Saturday night

Kaptain Klevtsov

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With the moon out I decided to have a look at it and try some of the more radical imaging ideas on it. Some of you may remember the eyepiece pjojection thing I was playing with http://www.gas.uk.net/eyeproj/index.htm so I set it up and targetted Saturn and the moon. The results were both good and bad, the good being that the image on the DSLR was enormously magnified, the bad being that the long exposure time (1/80th @ iso 400) was long enough to get blurring due to the mirror slap and the wobbliness of the setup. Persevering I thought that maybe registax could salvage something from the mess. When it has finished whirring I'll post an image or two here.

The views were spectacular through the eyepiece using a 10mm Plossl on the Newt. showing really clear craters, scratches on the surface and all that good stuff. I really wanted an image that would show what I was seeing.

I really really need to get the webcam in on the act as I would get many more frames with no vibration. This is looking very promising indeed.

Keep you posted (carp pun intended)

Captain Chaos

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If you had upped the ISO to 800, Capt, then your shutter would need to be 160th, or ISO1600 then shutter 320th or nearest, that would reduce the vibrations.

naz :lol:

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