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PST Etalon problem


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My PST was knocked over and fell on a hard surface. Focus is fine but I cannot see H-alfa details on the disk anymore even with the Etalon collar turned full to the right (viewed from eyepiece end).  When I turned the Etalon collar towards the left a double image appeared. I'm afraid the etalon has de-contacted as a result of the fall, has anyone had a similar problem and is there anywhere that can repair it? I heard there is someone in Germany called Oliver Smie or Semiei, who may help? Any info would be greatly appreciated.

I have had this PST for many years and always enjoyed good definition in H-alpha,  no perceived sign of 'rust'  on the filters, giving me a lot good times observing the sun and sketching. I hope it can be brought back to its best.

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That is bad luck.
Another option is to look around for a PST for spares.
Some years ago I made a good PST from a rusty scope, and another with wrecked etalon.
I even sold off some of surplus parts to help recover some of the expense😏

Hope it all works out for you.


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