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How to find out the orientation of my CCD Camera ?


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Hi ..... can anybody help me to confirm the true orientation of my CCD Camera? I do not have a rotator fitted

I need this information when I set up "Astrometrica".

When I upload images to "Astronomy.net" it tells me that the orientation of my images are all " 179.9 degrees E of N " ..... and when I check my images with "Aladin" I can see that my images align up very well with the image on "Aladin". Am I correct in thinking that the my images are almost exactly horizontal .... but upside down?

Does this mean that my CCD orientation setting in "Astrometrica" is 180 degrees???

Cheers Mike

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I am very impressed that you are within 0.1° of 180° which as you suggest is rotated one half turn. I usually achieve within a couple of degrees of 90° or 0° depending on the portrait or landscape aspect I am using to frame my target (with an APS-C 3:2 aspect ratio ASI2600). I have no personal knowledge of Astrometrica, just of astronometry.net and Ekos.

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15 hours ago, SlimPaling said:

can anybody help me to confirm the true orientation of my CCD Camera

I use Kstars/Ekos and in the application you can set the camera sensor and scope details. When you do a platesolve the software orients the FOV correctly in the skymap and tells you the orientation. Looking quickly at the Aladin documentation it says ....

It is possible to define one's own instrument fields in the form of an XML file. The syntax description and some examples can be found at

So it looks like you might be able achieve the same functionality as Ekos. Good luck.

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