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  1. Well I am slowly getting to grips with DSO .... the attached image of IC405 was taken over two nights so I am well pleased that both imaging runs lined up pretty well :-) I ended up doing 5 x 200 sec LRGB subs on each night (total 133 minutes of data) .. which were calibrated, aligned and stacked in MaximDL and processed in PS. The sky quality here was not very good (as usual) but I am happy with my results so far. I know that I need more practice with it all ... esp, the processing. Mike
  2. H RayD ... I have "Windows 10 Home" on my Laptop ... so this option to not available to me :-( I have now set up my connection to "metered" and have set the Laptop to "Active Hours" covering my night time operations. I am hopeful that any updates will now be much more controlled .... not sure what effect the "Metering" bit will do .... I know that I do need some updates at times ... but not at night ! Mike
  3. I must be blind !!!! Thanks for pointing the way :-) Mike
  4. Hi Xiga ... Which one of "Annie's Actions" did you use? I have had a look at her list on the web site and can't seem to spot the action that will remove the stars from the image. If I can sort this out it will be a big help to me on occasions :-) Mike
  5. Many thanks for the suggestions ... I have now set my "Active Hours" correctly :-))) I obviously didn't do this correctly before Mike
  6. I left my set-up merrily doing a lengthy imaging run for approx. 15 minutes only to find that it had all been interrupted by an unwanted update !!! Everything had been messed up ... I was exceedingly worried that my sensor had been left at -20 c without any chance of a controlled warming up. Previous to all of this I "thought" that I had done everything to disable these automatic updates .... For some time I have been starting up my system by always disconnecting my observatory Laptop (running Win10) from the 'net as this helped with unwanted updates in the past ... but I usually re-connect when I operate my observatory from my House computer via Radmin. Tonight my Laptop decided to update itself :-((( How can I totally stop these unwanted updates happening??? Mike
  7. OK .. I will give it a go next time I get a bit of time .... I have just found out that "we" have to rush down to London to deliver Chrissy presents to the grand kids before the snow storm hits us!!! Mike
  8. Hi Olly ... I have not tried any of this .... is it just a matter of using my Master Bias and re-naming it as a Master Dark ?... and then using it instead of my original Master Dark???? It is all a bit confusing for my small brain!!! Mike
  9. Hi Dave .... My system is permanent and no I have not had any opportunity to do any more imaging .... it has been VERY cloudy here much of the time when I had some spare time do anything :-( Yes ... my ASA mount is allegedly capable of some very accurate tracking ... but I am currently have a great deal of difficulty is understanding how to set this up and working properly. I am slowly working through things when I get the chance .... the manuals that came with the software to do this is not written for dummies like me ! Mike
  10. Hi Dave ... Thanks for this .... I had a feeling that my tracking is slightly off ... but my ASA mount is capable of improvement by using a MLPT feature, involving plate solving, that I am going to try out at the next opportunity. I am hopeful that this will improve things .... but because I am a slow learner I am taking things a step at a time :-) At the minute, despite having a good look at the Maxim manual, I do not understand how to "make a bad pixel map" in Maxim ... but I will persevere ! Mike
  11. I have been reading some of the suggestions and comments that have been kindly sent in and trying to understand my options. I have also just done a quick bit of research on the 'net about some of this ... which has left me with some questions that I need to sort out in my head. I do not currently have DSS ... I am trying to stick with MaximDL for my initial processing steps unless DSS does have some definite advantages that I do not currently know about. Using the "Median stacking" option in Maxim has certainly removed virtually all traces of "Walking Noise" in my final images since trying it out last night ... but reading the MaximDL manual it suggests that this method can have some disadvantages ... I need to test out the other options and compare results here! wimvb has said that " darks should remove hot pixels " .... it seems that some of my hot pixels are not being removed during calibration ... so my questions here are: (1) Do I need to make a new set of Dark Frames??? (2) What is a good number to do? I have been using sets of 20 Darks (3) Am I correct in thinking that a "Dark Frame" is the same as a "Dark Flat Frame" ? ... the latter type was mentioned in one of the replies above. (4) Is it a good idea to produce Master Dark Frame before I do any calibrations? (5) When I first started processing my subs with Maxim a couple of months ago I did not notice any of this "Walking Noise" problem. Do these "Hot Pixels" crop up randomly and how permanent are they? Do they slowly accumulate and will I eventually have more and more of them as my sensor decays? :-((( Mike
  12. Ooops! Sorry .... in my haste I misread the name :-((( Mike
  13. Wow ... you are all giving me a lot to think about here !!! I did try out the first suggestion from Proto star by using Median stacking in Maxim ... it cleared all of the "walking noise" instantly !!! I was amazed by what a difference it has made to my final image. I will be looking into all of the other suggestions as a matter of course .... I think there is a lot to sort out in my head!!! Many thanks to everybody who has responded to my initial message :-) Mike
  14. I have noticed recently that after all of my processing and then zoom right into the image I am getting lines of obviously unwanted spurious small dots all running in the same direction all over my final image .... please see my attached image where I have zoomed right into my image of NGC 891. After a bit of detective work I can see that these "seem to originate" from small fine white dots in my subs after I have calibrated them .... using MaximDL Is there something wrong with my calibration files ?.... they are all reasonably up to date. I have been using 35 x Bias frames, 20 x Dark frames and 17 x Flat frames for each of the RGB filters. I am using MaximDL 6 for all calibration, alignment and stacking .... and use PS for final processing. Any suggestions would be muchly appreciated :-) Mike
  15. Problems getting Focus Lynx talking to MaximDL

    It looks like I have found the root of my problem :-) Apparently when you un-install MaximDL it DOES NOT remove everything! These little rogue files can cause problems when the program is re-installed or updated !!! After clearing out these rogue files Maxim and Focus lynx are now talking to each other properly .... but I won't really know for sure until I try out some imaging .... tonight hopefully :-))) Mike