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  1. Hi .. Attached is my final image of M27 taken on four widely spaced nights over a period of almost a month. Had constant battles with poor USB connections and endless cloudy nights Even on the cloudless nights the seeing wasn't that good ... and I have to contend with a fair amount of light pollution here. I did 13 x 300sec CLS subs and only 3x300sec RGB subs. Images callibrated, aligned and stacked using MaxIm DL and processed using Photoshop ( I can't understand PixInsight yet despit many attempts!! ) I am a bit disappointed with the colour of my stars ... should I try to add a few more RGB images before M27 disappears behind some trees in my garden? Mike
  2. Hi guys ... many thanks for your thoughts and suggestions. My new camera is a Moravian G2-8300 MkII ... with external 7 position filter wheel. I changed from my previous Moravian with 5 position internal wheel as I wanted to get into narrow band imaging.# The end cap is made from metal and is a very light tight fit .... so I will be carrying out my darks probably in the early evening sometime soon what ever the ambient temperature might happen to be and see what happens Cheers Mike
  3. Hi ... I have just upgraded my Mono CCD Camera and it is a long time since I made any calibration frames. There was always something that I wasn't 100% sure about ..... can I make my Dark Frames at any time of day or night??? My camera has very efficient cooling ... and is set to -20 C. Does this mean 20 degrees below the ambient temperature??? .... or .... is it really -20C below zero whatever the ambient temperature happens to be??? Cheers Mike
  4. The Mirror newspaper wrote a truly awful article about Comet 168P that was pure drivel! It caused much derision in the BAA Comet group. Mike
  5. I think that you will find that this comet does not exist anymore. As far as I know it broke up a couple of years ago and has never been located again. A quick search on the 'net ( including BAA comet section) will confirm this. Mike
  6. Hi Solarboy ... Please tell us how you solved your problem . Cheers Mike
  7. I have now managed to tease out another Prom from my original data. Definitely over processed but at least I can see it!
  8. Managed to dodge enough thick clouds to produce an Ha image of the full disc yesterday. I could see a few proms but found it difficult to draw them out very well during processing. I need a lot more practice at this! I am including a close-up of one of the proms.
  9. Hi Nigella ... I have to admit it is NOT that easy to make a full disc of the Sun by combining separate panes. I managed to find a couple of videos on the 'net ( YouTube I think ) which showed some of the techniques involved and they proved to be VERY useful. It is worth doing a search for them if you feel the urge to try out making a mosaic ! Cheers Mike
  10. Thanks for your nice comment David
  11. Managed to find time to take some AVI runs yesterday for first time in weeks there seemed to be a fair amount of high haze .... but I am happy with my final result. My image is a 4 pane mosaic in Ha .. managed to get some proms to add to the final disc. I used FireCapture for the AVI's. Each pane of the disc was stacked in Autostakkert, wavelets done in Registax6 and final mosaic assembled and final processing done in Photoshop. I found that Autostakkert did not "like" the video frames of the proms for some reason and would not stack them .... but I managed in using Registax 6 Mike
  12. Thanks for your encouraging comments :-)))
  13. Trying out my 2.5x Powermate for the first time yesterday. Managed to get a partial mosaic (only did two video runs) before the clouds ran in. Quite pleased with amount of detail .... still got a long way to go getting used to doing all of this though ! Mike
  14. Hi ... a couple of times I have had problems with MaximDL getting "confused" and despite uninstalling and re-installing it did NOT solve the problem fully. After much effort I discovered that Maxim does NOT fully uninstall everything ... it can leave some bits&bobs behind in various places which really need to be removed manually. I am using Win10Pro and MaximDL v.6.20 .... but I understand that earlier versions of Maxim are more susceptible to this problem. Here are my notes that I have saved ... just in case I need to do this whole procedure again! ... it "might help" you with your problem. (1) After you ask Windows to uninstall MaximDL, do a restart. (2) Go into the C:\Program Files (x86) and also the Program Data (this is only seen when you tick ‘show hidden files in folder options) and look for any folders left over relating to Maxim applications. (3) Go to the search bar that appears when you click on the Windows Start icon on your desktop. (4) Type in ‘regedit’. Regedit.exe should appear in the results. (5) Double click Regedit and it will take you to the OS registry. (6) Expand out the various folders and where a sub folder with ‘Software’ is seen, expand that and look for any folders that are to do with Maxim and delete them. (Note. Maxim is a name of Diffraction Limited / Cyanogen so the folders could be under these names rather than Maxim.) Cheers Mike
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