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M37 with Kiss 2X (450D)

Darth Takahashi

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I missed Orion and so switched to the open cluster M37 in Auriga.

This is a combination of 10 x 3mins exposures at ISO800. I used a CLS filter to cut down the light pollution and to increase the overall contrast.

Weather conditions were not exactly good but the best they have been for a long while now.

Transparency was poor and seeing for average, not the main problem on the night.

Telescope = TOA130 @ F7.7

Camera = Kiss 2X (450D)

The computer control worked perfectly, which allowed me to go inside and watch some TV while the captures were made... The final image was stacked and adjusted in PhotoShop. I think its a nice image but I can't get to excited over these open clusters, at least not after M42.



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Neil, an excellent image.

I've said on another thread that I myself, am not a fan of Glob's and Cluters, but this is very, very nice. Great colour and it looks so natural.

Good processing too.

They could grow on me!


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Your picture of M37 is just great Neil. I think most people have their favoutite objects, it's only natural

Open, Globular, I like them all. Some are spectacular, and some not so.

I used to think the Double Cluster never looked as good in a picture, as it did visually, but opinion changed when I saw it done by somebody on SGL. I need to look back as I don't recall the Imager, but that particular one was absolutely beautiful.


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Very nice image...:) I was never a big fan of clusters either until recently, I shot one due to having a bright moon on a warm, clear night I had to be outside for, just to find an easy target. It's nice to be able to have multiple targets and backups as well. I think the processing is a bit easier than some gaseous objects also.....Nice job.

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