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  1. Fantastic shot....I am inspired now to try my hand at this.......Well done.
  2. Wow, awesome capture. I'd be pumped to pinpoint something like that and then actually capture it....Well done.
  3. Beautiful shot.....I'm sure you're proud of that one, I gave up on film due to frustration with processers who could only make vacation prints. I'd never want to go back, but you seem to have it all together. Well done.
  4. Very cool bunch of shots. And thx for the overlay site....fantastic idea and looks great too
  5. Yep...Looks like some activity gaining strength....
  6. Nice...I'd give the shields a try first. I've heard good things about them.
  7. Awesome shot and great details.......keep it up.
  8. Nice shot....Not an easy target but you got a great image there. Well done.
  9. Very nice ring.....A small target but you got a nice size out of it. DSS is a strange animal sometimes, usually some post- processing is necessary to really bring them out.
  10. Beauty.....Great details in there.....
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