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I had a good session this morning using the Tecnosky 1O2 ED F7 for WL and the PST for HA.  I was a bit too keen and the seeing  early on was poor (at 8am!), though it improved after 9 am.

In WL ARs 2960 and 2957 are the main interest. Newly named AR2962 showed a fair amount of faculae, though I could only see one small spot.  I couldn't see anything of AR2955 and 2958.

In HA its another matter with 2962 showing g a lot of strong activity in the PST,  spaceweather report it as crackling with C class solar flares.  AR2960 and 2957 are also showing a lot of HA, activity, as well as other smaller areas being visible.

It's well worth looking in both WL and HA.  Even in a PST there is plenty of disk details with the AR activity,  numerous impressive filaments, and prominences.  The dusk is crammed with detail.  Take a look if you can.

Below is a single frame in WL with the Tecnosky at 9 07 am,  a GONG screen grab and one in WL from spaceweathwr.com.






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Not the best seeing today, but still had some decent views. AR 12962 did look great in Ha, bright arcing loops around the centre, and a nice filament nearby.

In white light around 12962 I counted twelve or thirteen tiny pores in amongst the faculae, in addition to one larger spot which itself had some texture and detail to it. The little ones were flickering in and out of view with the seeing like disco lights!

12961 also looks very promising, lovely detail and quite complex now, although much of the time the seeing was blurring this out. Granulation muted for me today, just there as background texture rather than actually seeing it properly.

So much going on, there must be twelve or more proms and loads of filaments around. Plenty to see around the ARs too. 

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10 hours ago, Alan White said:

Paul, thanks for the share, I was clouded yesterday and still am today as well.

Do the PST's give a full disk view of Sol? Never looked through one, so just don't know.


Thank you Alan.  Yes a PST does give a full disk view with the right eywpiece.  I generally use a EF 19mm and a x2 barlow.  If I want a higher mag I use my Baader zoom. I think it's supplied with a 12mm eyepiece,  but a larger image enables you to see more detail.

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