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Saturn's Cassini Division - 8inch Newt


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Finally managed to capture the Cassini division on Saturn and I'm very happy :)

Taken on my 8inch newt, 3x barlow Best 40% of 20,000 frames taken on a ZWO224MC

I tried with a 5x Barlow, but I think that is pushing the limits of my equipment and ability a little too much so the results we're no better.

Now, I think I can definitely still get better results with my current set up based on others that i've seen.
I think my limit currently is a combination of my ability to focus , seeing, and my limited skills at collimation. - The latter seems like a dark art. 

Regardless, I'm happy that I can see the division for the first time on an image I'd captured. 
Hopeful to get another shot at this before this beautiful planet gets too low to make it worth while. 


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Badly Cropped Photo.
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