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The worst its going to be

neil phillips

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Quite encouraged by this. Tried to setup between rain cloud clearing and coming back again. Managed 1 shot. after only around 30 to 40 mins cooldown ( certainly was not cool ) Shooting with cloud coming and going over the moon. Quite a slow exposure because of low levels. And very jittery seeing. Quick stab at focus. And it does this. 

Very encouraging. Clearly in time for its size its going to be a alternative to the planet killer. 7" Maksutov. Have we a planet killer killer on our hands. Quite possibly. After owning one of the best 7" Maksutovs in my opinion. Meades best ever scope. The 7" F15 true 180mm courtesy of its 8/3/4 oversized primary. I cant be sure this early of course. But it just feels better. ( i notice our very own John in derby said the same)  Not exactly sure why. But Feels like its producing better resolution. But then it is bigger than a 7" Mak apparently according to GSO 7.3 whatever the extra is i will take it. Cant wait to try this under good seeing now. And time to get the scope cool properly. And accurately focused. Clearly these optics are pretty darn good. The baffling doing something quite positive i feel. The Central obstruction is larger than a Mak. But this scope appears to have other redeeming features. Quartz primary. No corrector plate. And that excellent baffling. 

To be continued. 

Stella Lyra 8" Classical Cassegrain. ZWO 178M Player one IR685 Prime focus

Click for full size. 

GSO CC.png sgl.png 75.png g.png

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2 hours ago, johninderby said:

Yes this is one very impressive scope for the money and a worthy alternative to a mak or SCT. For me it just hits the sweet  spot for a convenient sized lunar / planetary scope. Looking forward to a bit of lunar imaging myself shortly. 

Will look out for any images No barlow will be needed with a 290. Actually oversampled here. Maks and SCTs both have there strengths. But you got to love the new kid on the block

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