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Sol 5 Nov 2021 Ha


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Here are some from 5th Nov. I spent a fair amount of time just enjoying it visually first - the more look the more your eye settles in and you start seeing not just the big proms but the little ones scattered along the disc like far off dust-devils.  And you start to appreciate just how vast our comparatively small star still is.  The differences in scale within the universe are quite mind-blowing (from tiny electrons through DNA to these vast structures which are still just made of very small things).

Anyway enough waffling, after a good 30 mins, I couldn't resist & grabbed some data.

(The second image is rotated 90 degrees for aesthetics).









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12 minutes ago, Altocumulus said:

Hi Vin. Cracking images.


What 'scope and camera, if I may ask?

Thanks Geoff, that's v kind.  It's all learned from the tips the serious experts have kindly shared here on SGL or CN or Solarchat, & then just experimenting & tinkering.

Scope is an old TV76 with a Solarscope SF50 etalon mounted in front.  That etalon is brilliant (it was actually a factory demo model that Helmut kindly let me buy).

Camera is an old (now discontinued) ASI178MM-cool.  I put a UV-IR filter in front of it b/c I think that camera originally did not ship with that on the sensor.

Software is FireCapture --> AS!3 --> ImPPG --> GIMP.



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