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StellaLyra Dobsonian Series - Owners thread

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1 minute ago, Mr Spock said:

You can't see it on my pics but under the tube, opposite side to the focuser/finder assembly, I have a strip of 2" industrial Velcro with a 2kg counterweight attached.

Nice. I prefer smaller magnets so one is always within easy reach. Small adjustments are easy too.


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I have had my 8” for well over a year now and the only mods I’ve done are the addition of a triple finder shoe bracket. Fitted a Starsense unit. Fitted a couple of magnets and draught excluder tape strips for them to slide up and down the tube to attain balance. Fitted Bobs knobs on the secondary mirror holder. Fitted a grip at the aperture for easier pointing. Replaced the primary mirror springs to a heavier gauge. When using I slip a black shower cap over the primary mirror to eradicate stray light. That’s my lot  


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