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  1. Hi, new to the forums and the hobby so wanted to come in on this as been through similar considerations. From all the research and views I’ve read the Baader 8-24 Mk IV seems to win out - but noticed significant stock shortages across all suppliers of this as perhaps expected. I’ve just ordered a “deluxe aspheric “ 8-24 model from 365 Astronomy as an upgrade to my Synta 8-24. It feels like an experiment as haven’t seen many reviews on this but appears to feature useful AFOV (44-66 Deg) - not quite Baader level but intrigued to try. I’d be interested if anyone has any experience of this
  2. Old thread but as new here I found this to be very useful in deciding upon a sensible CA filter for my Startravel 102. I’d considered the contrast booster but switched to the SA as the more neutral view appeals more than purity of fringe elimination. Arriving in the next few days. AD
  3. Thanks both for your tips. I have both bases covered now with paint now here and sticker options if that doesn’t work! Thanks again AD
  4. Thanks Glen, thats useful. Just a couple of follow up questions - Did you use a standard primer for the undercoat, and did you find appliance white to be a good colour match, since the scope tube is slightly “off white” on Skywatcher Classic Dobs ? Thanks and Clear Skies AD
  5. Hi, I have a paint chip on a new Skywatcher 250 P Classic Dobs OTA. Just under 1 sq cm. Hoping someone in the community could advise as to a suitable paint type/colour match. Likely an oil based solution? Not sure on appropriate section here but starting with my first request for help! Thanks in advance!
  6. I have the 250PX on order. Recognise that this one is less forgiving of lower cost eyepieces. Could anyone offer advice on a good step up eyepieces ? I have the Explore Scientific 6.7mm wide field (82Deg) eyepiece on order - any thoughts on this combination?
  7. Looking forward to receiving my 102MC in the next few days/weeks depending on supply. Does anyone have any experience, tips/advice? Looks like a good grab and go particularity for planetary observation - interesting “next generation” mount.
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