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Can't focus =(

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Hey guys,

Recently at Astrofest, I bought myself a T-adapter and a T-ring to go with my telescope and camera.

The problem though is I can't seem to focus on both eyepiece projection AND prime focus.

When I try eyepiece projection, I can't seem to see a thing through the viewfinder of the camera, and so can't aim and can't focus.

When I use prime focus, I physically can't reach focus. I seem blurry stars but seems to be out of focusing range for my scope.

Has anyone got any ideas as to what I could do to take photos by both methods?



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Hi Howard,

As Helen asked What Scope...?

Is it a newt and you have insufficient inward travel of the focusser?

Is it a refractor and your when your connecting the camera your not using a diagonal - an hence dont have enoughtoutward travel...

Give us some more info and soultions (as there is often more than one way to sort out these problems) should be forthcoming...


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I have a 70mm refractor. It's the Bresser Skylux from Lidls! It's great for looking, but being a photographer, I'm itching to take photos with it tehe.

Am I right to mount the T-mount with camera onto the diagonal? I thought I was supposed to. I have a rather strange feeling though that it's more don't have enough room for "inward" travel rather than out when doing prime focus, though I'm not 100% sure.

Any ideas of how I can see to focus on eyepiece projection? :S

Cheers again.

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Hi Howard,

I have had one of those Lidl's scopes for two years now and can achieve focus easily, but don't have the diagonal in. The scope gives a reasonable image, and has a good field of view, although the bright stars tend to have blue halo's around them due to the nature of the optics. But for the price it's a reasonably nice scope. However, once you start going to eyepiece projection, the image starts becoming very faint and focusing is even harder. I wouldn't recommend trying eyepiece projection (or even serious observing) with the eyepieces supplied with the scope. Many scopes like this are let down by the quality of the eyepieces. Invest in as good quality eyepieces as you can afford. They can last a lifetime if looked after and can be used on other scopes as you upgrade.



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You will have some fun with that scope.

Visually the images look OK, but my DSLR images tended to have the halo's.

It's the objective lens that causes it.

I piggy-backed mine on the main 10" LX200 as a finder and I was quite surprised how good the images were for the money I paid (£50). I never tried eyepiece projection through mine.

Unfortunately (Or fortunately for me) it has now been deposed and replaced by an Skywatcher Equinox 80mm Apo... A scope classes above (with cost to boot, I might add).

The equatorial mount that came with the Bresser is reasonable too, so I will be using that as a more portable camera platform once I can afford to buy the drive.

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