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  1. Hi guys, I was hoping to pick your brains and seek some advice before this Sunday. I saw advertised a 76x700mm reflector telescope at Aldi (ALDI - Sunday Special Buys 25th October 2009). I currently have one of those Bresser 70x700mm refractor scopes from Lidl, with NO equatorial mount, sadly. Was wondering whether you guys thought it would be worth upgrading to the reflector from Aldi - 6mm more on the objective, and with a 3x barlow. Plus the Aldi scope comes with what looks like an equatorial mount, which I hope will be more useful for photos when a motor is added to the mount. Maybe I'm just misguided lol. Many thanks in advance =) Howard
  2. I am using Nikon D40 - I can't figure out how to focus using eyepiece projection, so just using a t-ring adapter and prime focus for the moment. I think my mount is too flimsy for anything else with a bigger zoom to be honest.
  3. I didn't want to buy too expensive a telescope as I did not want to get bored of it and feel like I've wasted lots of money (which btw, I am most certainly not bored of and want to buy my next scope!). I have myself a Bresser 70x700 refractor. It was around £60 from Lidls, but the mount is a bit flimsy, and not as sturdy as I had hoped, but the scope is great for viewing nonetheless. I think I need to save up A LOT in order for me to get something which would take great images. Any suggestions as to kit would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Hi guys, All you others have put me to shame, but I'm relatively proud I even managed to find Jupiter, let alone photo it with my 700x70 refractor....on a rubbish flimsy mount. I present you my first planetary photographic attempt - Jupiter. If you look closely enough, you can just about make out the blurred bands. I need a better scope and a sturdier mount for those longer exposures! Any suggestions for setup? lol....anyone wanna donate? =P H
  5. Ah thanks a lot for the advice Dave. I was thinking of getting the Revelation Photo-Visual kit. I think it may make quite a good eyepiece kit. Do you think the blueish halos would go with better eyepieces, or is it the objective lens that's causing it? Cheers! H
  6. I have a 70mm refractor. It's the Bresser Skylux from Lidls! It's great for looking, but being a photographer, I'm itching to take photos with it tehe. Am I right to mount the T-mount with camera onto the diagonal? I thought I was supposed to. I have a rather strange feeling though that it's more don't have enough room for "inward" travel rather than out when doing prime focus, though I'm not 100% sure. Any ideas of how I can see to focus on eyepiece projection? :S Cheers again.
  7. Hey guys, Recently at Astrofest, I bought myself a T-adapter and a T-ring to go with my telescope and camera. The problem though is I can't seem to focus on both eyepiece projection AND prime focus. When I try eyepiece projection, I can't seem to see a thing through the viewfinder of the camera, and so can't aim and can't focus. When I use prime focus, I physically can't reach focus. I seem blurry stars but seems to be out of focusing range for my scope. Has anyone got any ideas as to what I could do to take photos by both methods? Thanks. Howard
  8. LOL tinvek! I know what you mean - I'm already looking for another telescope! :oops:
  9. Hi Andrew, Thanks for the reply, and thanks for the link. I was just wondering what is the actual main difference between having the extension tube with the "eyepiece projection", and just plugging the camera straight into the scope in terms of taking photos. Sorry for being such a novice. Howard
  10. Hey guys, I have recently got myself a basic 70mm/700mm scope, and was thinking about doing some basic lunar and planetary photography. I have a Nikon D40, so I know that I will need a Nikon fit T-ring. I am stuck as to what other piece of kit to get as a basic starter. I have seen something online, but wondered if anyone could give me some help as to whether I have the right idea in mind. I see this (http://www.telescopeplanet.co.uk/ViewProdDetails.asp?name=Opticstar%20Eyepiece%20Projection%20Kit&prod_code=PON08F000064) which I understand to screw onto the T-ring connected to my camera, and which holds an eyepiece in place. I also see this (http://www.telescopeplanet.co.uk/ViewProdDetails.asp?name=Universal%20Camera%20Adapter%201.25%20-%2035mm%20or%20DSLR&prod_code=PON08H000050 - and other variations on something like this such as adjustable ones), which seem to hold the eye piece in place too, so what exactly is the difference? Would be grateful if I have the wrong kit idea, if anyone could suggest anything else and show me links. Thanks a lot in advance, and sorry if it's a stupid qu. H
  11. Hey guys, Just wondering if anyone would be able to help me. I have a 70mm/700mm refractor scope, but it did not come with a case or anything. I was wondering if anyone here knows of a case or a bag which I could get for my scope. Ideally, I would like to be able to keep it on the tripod so I don't have much assembling when I get it to my observation locations (I live in the middle of a town, so would like to travel with it), but I do realise that beggars can't be choosers, and so can settle for having to dismantle my set up if I have to. So far, I have looked to getting one of these big padded golf travel bags, which, according to the dimensions, should fit my set up, but I am sure there is a better way, ie something which was made for this purpose lol. Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions! H
  12. Hi Red Dwalf, I'm pretty new here myself, but welcome to SGL. I've found that the people here are really nice and helpful, so I hope you have as good a time here as I have had so far! H
  13. Whilst on the topic of the Bresser 70/700mm scope, does anyone have an idea where I might be able to get a kinda padded bag for the kit so that I can shove it in the car and drive with it to another site? I need to get it to a dark sky site as my garden, although dark, is nonetheless in the middle of town. H
  14. LOL Mick! Thanks for reminding me of that! Although like people have said, one small step at a time. I can find my way around the sky with the naked eye, but this is my very first telescope (CANNOT believe I only have JUST bought one!), so give me a bit of time to practise losing massive field of vision but still finding things. I got a quote through the other day for a 6inch mirror with a focal length of 1000mm, so at the moment, trying to budget and draw up plans to see if it is economically viable to make my own Newtonian reflector or just buy one. I have alternatively toyed with the idea of making a reflector with lots of tiny normal straight mirrors which will act as the one concave mirror, but we shall see. Still, going to concentrate on close up Lunar and a bit of planetary work. I think with Saturn being 1-2 degrees side on in the coming month, the Saturnian moons should be out to play quite nicely. H
  15. Thanks for all the tips so far, and definitely will be forking out for a better scope and mount at some point in the future, but for now. Definitely want to focus on lunar and planetary photography for the moment (maybe something to do with my friends thinking I can be a "lunatic" at times? lol). Just annoying to have to wait for about half the month to pass before the moon will come out at night, and the planets are not being very cooperative either as Saturn's rings are straight on, and the other planets are very near the sun at the moment. I'll be getting a T-ring and mount later on in Feb, so will be doing a bit of experimenting. Watch this space. Thanks! Really much appreciated! H
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