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Walking on the Moon

My First Planetary Image ...Venus.


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Stellarium (and other current photos) show Venus as a crescent and yet yours is gibbous. Do you have any idea why that might be?

No idea mate , other than the image shown was taken on the 5th Feb about 1730 UT , image is ''as seen'' thru the lens ( ie no correction used/needed)

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Hi Herakles,

I just did a webcam image of venus a few days ago. Mine seemed a bit blouted too. Just been out tonight and tried a different capture program. I realise that I had over exposed the image. I ended up with exposure times of 1/2500 - 1/5000. I'm just working on the clips now for stacking.

It's a great feeling though to think I just took a picture of something millions of miles away!!! :shock: 8)


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Looks more like an "Inverse" view of the planet

here is the original raw converted into jpeg , only thing I have altered is the crop. image was taken in landscape mode with my Canon 450D with a zoom lens .


yup Brian it is amzing to think you are photographing an event that happened in the past as well ( light travelling to here )

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