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  1. Hi Guys Would anyone know the thread size for the Meade Field Tripod Locking Knobs which lock each adjustable tripod leg ? thanks Graham
  2. Hi Guys As the title says , does anyone know what the Thread size of central hole in a Meade Standard Field Tripod Hub would be ? I foolishly let the threaded rod with handwheel go when i sold the Meade Super Wedge. thanks Graham
  3. Having sold a Meade Super Wedge , i need to acquire the securing threaded rod with handwheel on one end to enable me to attach and secure the eyepiece tray on my Meade standard field tripod. Would anyone know where i could buy one from or would anyone have one they no longer need ? cheers Graham
  4. I have found some Teflon grease and have coated the 3 pads and the circumference of the dob base that the pads travel over and it seems to have helped no end. Graham
  5. Hi Guys I have just bought a Skyliner 200P . The dob base is not very free moving even when the central nut is sufficiently loosened. Anyone got any ideas/mods that i can perform to free up the rotary movement of the base? cheers Graham
  6. Hi Guys Have just completed my 3rd dewshield (this one for my Skymax 150 Pro). The previuous 2 have been for my: 250PX Newt and my Skywatcher 80ED Pro. Made from Lonsdale Fitness Mat (Sports Direct) and embroidery hoops. If i say so myself they make a rather professional looking job . Graham
  7. Hi Guys What is the basic difference between an SCT and a Maksutov ? Is one type superior to the other ? The Maks appear to be more expensive "inch for inch" Graham
  8. Hi Guys Would anyone be able to supply me with the "all up" weight of the Skywatcher Skymax 150 Pro (including 2" diagonal and 9 X 50 Finderscope). thanks Graham
  9. Hi Guys What is the best method to remove a Telrad Base from a telescope OTA without damaging the OTA paintwork? Graham
  10. Hi Guys Is it okay to clean the Maksutov Corrector Lens with Baader Optical Wonder Fluid ? Graham
  11. Good point James. I think i will stay with the 1.25" diagonal. Thanks for the info Graham
  12. Would anyone know whether it is possible to attach an adaptor to the Skymax 127 to accept a 2" diagonal ? If so, can you give me a lead as to where to purchase one. thanks Graham
  13. Thanks Kev Sorted now I downloaded the DPP updater to the latest release and everything runs as it should now. thanks mate Graham
  14. Strange, i have just tried my 350D on RAW setting and DPP opens the RAW file as normal . I am completely mystified now ! Graham
  15. Hi Guys For some reason yesterday i took some photographs through my 550D on RAW setting and DPP would not open the RAW files . It purely shows the grey coloured box with the diagonal lines from corner to corner. Up until yesterday it woud instantly open RAW files. Any ideas wht the problem may be ? Graham
  16. Hi Guys Came across this a couple of days ago. Cute don't you think. Graham http://camerasim.com/camera-simulator/
  17. In my opinion the Celestron X-Cel LX range will outperform the BST's. I have used both and much prefer the Celestron. I recently sold my Hyperions and replaced them with the Celestron X-Cel LX range and hav'nt regretted it. HTH Graham
  18. Hi and welcome from a fellow Salopian Graham
  19. What scope and magnification were you using?
  20. Another vote for DSLRFocus with your 300D. Graham
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