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Stellarium v0.20.4


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Yesterday we released version 0.20.4 of Stellarium.

The major changes of this version:
- Added Calendars plugin
- Many changes in AstroCalc tool and core of Stellarium
- Many changes in plugins
- Updated DSO catalog 
- Removed Compass Marks plugin (the feature moved into core)

Download binary packages for Windows, Mac and Linux you may here: https://github.com/Stellarium/stellarium/releases/tag/v0.20.4

Thank you very much to community for bug reports, feature requests and contributions!

Full list of changes:
- Added Balinese Pawukon calendar into Calendars plugin
- Added notes on polygonal landscapes (technical restrictions) (GH: #1397)
- Added Calendars plugin (GH: #1343)
- Added configurable values for quick FOV tool (GH: #1391)
- Added new zoom algorithm (GH: #1415, #529)
- Added compass marks into core of planetarium
- Added ability to hide cardinal and compass buttons from the GUI
- Added missing time zone America/Godthab
- Added few DSO textures (GH: #1402, #1441)
- Added Galactic Center and Anticenter points
- Added a config option to use multisampling for rendering "Planet"s (GH: #1388)
- Added landers from the Chinese Lunar Exploration Program into list of locations
- Added on-screen controls for OAG in Oculars plugin (GH: #935)
- Added table view of exoplanets (GH: #1141)
- Added show angular distance between the moon and host planet (GH: #1372)
- Added classical cepheids filter for AstroCalc/WUT tool
- Added Algol-type eclipsing systems filter for AstroCalc/WUT tool (GH: #1355)
- Added ability to toggle to using decimal degrees for various navigational data through follow the option "Use decimal degrees" in the main GUI (GH: #1344) 
- Added script with shortcut, which add ability to jump to random location for celestial navigation game and practice (GH: #1345, #1058)
- Added support flip commands into Scripting Engine (GH: #1351)
- Added new language: Central Atlas Tamazight
- Added comet icon for ephemeris points plotting for AstroCalc/Ephemeris tool (GH: #1332)
- Added script skybox.ssc into list of translatable scripts (GH: #1335)
- Added config option to hide selection markers (default: viewing/flag_show_selection_marker = true) (GH: #1321)
- Added export list of objects as Stellarium bookmarks into AstroCalc/WUT tool
- Added support capital Greek chars in Search Tool (GH: #1282)
- Added some discoverer’s original designation for double stars as their scientific designations (GH: #1282)
- Added option to hide unlabelled ephemeris markers (GH: #1315)
- Added ability to run the silent uninstall Stellarium in Windows
- Added ability use decimals value for ephemeris steps in AstroCalc/Ephemeris tool (GH: #1289)
- Added "No" default for deletion confirmation warning (GH: #1292)
- Added ability to toggle show extra decimals in the navigational info (GH: #1303)
- Added tool for build an AppImage package (GH: #1288)
- Added ability for following an option ''Use decimal degrees" for longitude and latitude in Location dialog to define format of data (GH: #1416)
- Fixed collision calendars panel with bottom button bar (GH: #1422)
- Fixed zooming to FOV when duration is zero (GH: #1430)
- Fixed designations for star HIP 62819 (GH: #1432)
- Fixed crash when attempting to add a sensor (GH: #1407, #1403)
- Fixed UMa figure in S&T skyculture (GH: #1414)
- Fixed typos in Chinese skyculture (GH: #1413)
- Fixed text for meteor showers plugin (GH: #1387)
- Fixed the visual style of color chooser (GH: #1395)
- Fixed GUI of AstroCalc/Positions tool
- Fixed error in GUI of AstroCalc/WUT tool
- Fixed errors in documents for scripting engine
- Fixed typos and errors in various sky cultures
- Fixed running scripting method core.quitStellarium(); (GH: #1363)
- Fixed the location of Dunsink Observatory (GH: #1370)
- Fixed rendering orbits with undefined period
- Fixed orbital elements for comet Halley (1986) in the default ssystem_minor.ini file
- Fixed typos in skycultures
- Fixed odd cyclic behaviour of HiPS (GH: #1323)
- Fixed odd survey interaction (GH: #1314)
- Fixed crash when reference.fab file has wrong format
- Fixed closing various dialogs (fix #1305, #1338)
- Fixed sorting issue in AstroCalc/Ephemeris tool
- Fixed search stars by designations (u Her and U Her are different stars!) (GH: #1282)
- Fixed adding extra designations for stars, who already has Bayer and Flamsteed designations (GH: #1282)
- Fixed sorting stars by their designations (partially) (GH: #1282)
- Fixed selecting invisible stars (GH: #1331)
- Fixed switch to native planet names when skyculture is changed in Location dialog (GH: #1203)
- Fixed installing star names for Western (O.Hlad) skyculture (GH: #1170)
- Fixed typecast: avoiding of jumping the markers of exoplanets and pulsars (GH: #1286)
- Fixed handling custom shortcuts and few spell-check fixes
- Fixed GUI issue in Observability plugin
- Fixed inconsistency of NGC/IC list in AstroCalc/WUT tool (GH: #1310)
- Fixed filling version info for Windows installer
- Fixed installer for Windows
- Fixed translatable string for Icelandic calendar
- Fixed Puppis constellation lines in S&T skyculture (GH: #1438)
- Fixed Mensa and Microscopium in S&T skyculture (GH: #1440)
- Changed rendering planets: improve planets' halos size in relation to stars' (GH: #1361, #367)
- Changed rendering of orbits in Satellites plugin: Hide invisible part of orbits when "hide invisible artificial sats" option is enabled (GH: #1349)
- Changed GUI behavior: Enlarged maximum dialog size (GH: #1318)
- Changed versioning scheme of Stellarium
- Changed few DSO textures: reduce the size of some texture files (GH: #1442)
- Updated Stellarium User Guide (GH: #1334)
- Updated DSO catalog (v3.12)
- Updated GUI of Calendars plugin
- Updated GUI: refactored block "Additional buttons"
- Updated description of Chinese skyculture (GH: #1410)
- Updated Bengali descriptions for landscapes and skycultures (GH: #1380)
- Updated nomenclature data
- Updated few DSO outlines (GH: #1368)
- Updated initial time steps for AstroCalc/Phenomena tool (GH: #372)
- Updated Solar System Editor pluign: improve docs + added confirmation dialog (GH: #1304)
- Updated DSO names
- Updated upper limit for font size
- Updated GUI of AstroCalc tools
- Updated Exoplanets plugin: added extra info
- Updated Satellites plugin: cosmetic improvement the handling the visibility of satellites by their groups
- Removed Compass Marks plugin
- Removed the XPM version of the app icon (GH: #1384)
- Removed dead links from skycultures
- Removed support of shortcuts from AstroCalc tools (GH: #1293)

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