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Cartes du Ciel Problem - Comet Elements


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Can't help with V2. But I've upgraded to V3.0.1.4 and the download for new orbits under "Set-up/ configure/ solar system/ comets/ load MPC file" gets straight through to Harvard and downloads the latest orbits for over 200 comets.

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Thanks for the replies folks. Why it is working with version 3 but not my version is a mystery and others have noticed the same problem. The solution (for now) is to go directly to the site, copy the data into Notepad and save it as Cometes.dat in c:\program files\ciel\cat\planet\

My thanks to 'Curls' on Astro-Chat for the temporary fix.

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Great! i've got the comet info.

But.... i'm having trouble with stars! Sounds silly but I cant seem to get faint stars. I cannot get "The Cheshire Cat" asterim and i've tried. The more stars button doesn't seem to work. Do i need to download anything else?



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I have stars!!!!

Magic!!!! Thanks

I've set using bright star cat for zoomed out views and Tyco 2 cat for zoomed in views. I really like this program now. Comet Kushida looks a possible target & now i can star hop.

Cheers Themos. Clear skies to ya :hello1:

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