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  1. Very sad news.. On many times i spoke to him at the Astronomy and Nature Centre as it was nearby. Also at exhibition shows and at his talks and lectures. A great bloke who never rushed you along and always had time to explain things and done good work for astronomy. Proper Shame.
  2. The Earth/Moon have a different Barycenter to Pluto/Charon. The recent Sky@Night Pluto programme touched on this double planet possibility.
  3. Because it is the First Double (Binary) planet
  4. Thought the programme was amazing tonight! (thumbs up) Very informative and nicely shot.. A great start to this new era of S@N
  5. I see it earlier rose red in colour two really good moments 8:30-9pm one was a classic cinema curtains effect north Cambridge uk dark location.. so so chuffed
  6. Also 100% seen earlier here in north cambridge!.. dark location. I can't believe it! so chuffed i posted on facebook :-D
  7. Thank you.... that's my next 2 hours sorted .. wow nice shot of all them TeleVue eyepieces!
  8. Any piccies?... Please share :-) would luv to see.. absolutely any at all.. from the entrance of Kensington through to Scopes, cameras, speakers.. just wanna see what i missed so i can pretend i actually went :-D
  9. Nice Running Man coming through too :-)
  10. Sun Dogs taken from Kelling last week via a mobile phone :-)
  11. Are these noctolucent clouds? Taken from Kelling last week via a mobile phone.
  12. I just see the ISS thro me bins so chuffed. Never expected to see much but was amazed at what i see.. two square like shapes joined together with a bit at the back .. a great big satellite shape.. that be the ISS so excited i rushed in to tell the missus.... and now reading this post i cant believe i forgot about Einstein!
  13. Wey.. got it .. IC4665, that's a very nice twinkling "HI" indeed i shall keep coming back to that. Also had the two globulars M12 & M10 in the same field of view What a nice start to my new grab & go bino set up luv it
  14. Hope it's clear tonight i got some new bins to try out on this object :-)
  15. Had to be done .... have been looking for a while to replace my old budget, and now broken, 12x50s.. and so have just ordered some Naturesports from FLO "Roll on them clouds"
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