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Prom on NE Limb Oct 18, 2020

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    • By Lowjiber
      Seeing wasn't the best yesterday, but I hadn't shot a prom in a month.
      Thanks for the peek.
      Clear Skies

    • By Lowjiber
      Seeing was poor (3.5/5) yesterday, but I just had to shoot these two before they went around the SW limb.
      Thanks for the peek.😀
      Clear Skies

    • By Lowjiber
      I finally got a day of decent seeing, just in time for AR2778.
      Thanks for the peek.
      Clear Skies

    • By Lowjiber
      When I first spotted this one early this morning, it was standing straight up and very tall.  However, by the time the sun was high enough for the shot it had begun to fall back toward the surface.
      Thanks for the peek.
      Clear Skies

    • By Davehux
      There’s a new kid on the block now, so it’s time to move this brilliant scope onto another happy owner.
      Bought new from FLO just over 2 years age, it’s produced some awesome image - shown below - all taken with this scope and an ASI294 camera.
      I’ve upgraded the focuser to an OVL model, and the difference from the standard one is immense. Runs smooth from one end to the other, and has no problem holding a lump of a cooled camera or a DSLR without slipping. It also has a standard 2” connector.
      Also included is the Skywatcher 0.85 focal reducer/flattener with 2” adapter, so swapping out the camera for the eyepiece is a 2 second job.
      The optics are all clean, bright and scratch-free. There’s a piece of Velcro on the tube, where I used to have my ASIair V1 stuck on. Apart from the usual bite marks on the dovetail, it’s in excellent overall condition.
      The standard SW 9x50 finder scope, 28mm eyepiece, a couple of adapters, and diagonal are all included, also comes with the aluminium case.
      This whole outfit would cost you £842 plus delivery, to buy from FLO today. It’s yours for £525 delivered to a UK mainland address. 

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