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LX200 Classic - how to make it quieter?

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I recently bought a Meade 8" LX200 Classic SCT (I was originally just looking to add GOTO to my HEQ5 but...). I used to drool over such a machine 10 years ago so I'm pretty pleased with myself. BUT it's blumming noisy when slewing! Like a coffee grinder - I didn't expect that.

My neighbour's bedroom window is pretty much at the same level as the scope when it's outside so the noise is a bit of a problem.

Does anyone have any mechanical solutions for making it quieter? Or is there a way to make it use the slower, quieter slewing speed when goto-ing?

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The LX200 Classic uses the original Autostar, & doesn't have a 'quiet slew' function the way the #497 Autostar does (it is also not possible to update in the same way that the #497 Autostar is). You can however, adjust the slew rate to a lower speed, which will reduce the noise fairly significantly. Yes, this does mean the tube will move from target to target slower, but what's the rush? :scratch:

I don't recall what keystrokes are required to make the adjustment but it should be in the manual.

...& don't sell it & buy a Celestron...the LX200 Classics are superb. 8)

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Don't sell!!!

I agree, the LX200 classics are great scopes.

You should set the max slew rate to no more than 1.5 degrees per second. This is much quieter and really reduces the strain on the small plastic gears in there. Never use the max slew rate. The OTA has a lot of momentum when slewing full tilt.



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Just to clarify. The LX200 Classic doesn't use the Autostar controller. The square hand paddle is just a switching device; the smart electronics are in base.

I use 18V input and find my 10" is much louder than the 12" Don't know why.

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Thanks for the support guys, yeah I used to dream of a having an LX200 it's certainly an impressive hunk of metal and glass. I don't want to sell if I can find a way around this.

Shame about the controller, though I have found the Max Slew speed option (its in Telescope>Slew Rate (or something)) and set it to 4 instead of 8. BUT this does not affect the GOTO speed which is always full tilt, it only affects manual slew control.

Anyone know how to reduce the GOTO slewing as well? I can't find this in the manual. Perhaps there a sw hack???

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Unfortunately both my LX200's are down at the moment...

Looking through the manual (again!) and my notes I can't find anything on changing the GOTO slew rate.

Sounds like a good question for the Yahoo LX200 forum?

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I found the solution - sort of. If you connect to the scope via a laptop ScopeDriver can set the maximum Slew Rate which works with its Find/GOTO features. Still no solution for the handset though.

Thanks for checking Merlin I'll have a look at the Yahoo forum, I haven't been on it yet.

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