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  1. I loved the Telescope House building on Farringdon Rd. I enjoyed the wonky floors, creaky stairs & raised platform in the middle that you could walk around and just gaze up at all the telescopes. I bought my first real telescope there and the two gents that helped me are friends of mine to this day. While I never met Dudley, I would have liked the opportunity to...we were just never knowingly in the same place at the same time. R.I.P Dudley...Astronomers will enjoy the night sky through your telescopes for many years to come. I believe this is a great legacy to leave behind.
  2. I did the same with an old LX6 (an F6.3 version). There was no obvious difference with the coating issue...
  3. I've ordered flockboard from them several times over the years (coincidently, another order a couple of weeks ago for which I received a shipping confirmation email yesterday). I think they were away over January, so they are probably just working through orders. Perhaps send another email with a receipt request in case a filter got your previous one? While they're not known for their outstanding communication, they've never let me down. The order has always arrived and been of a high standard.
  4. While I don't really have any needs with regards to my telescope collection, I'd be more than happy to make room for an Avalon M-Uno mount Innovative & beautiful...
  5. I found the BT wifi to be pretty good last year (not the previous year though)...
  6. John is also a really nice guy... There's not many like him who will go out of their way to help people learn.
  7. I've never seen that...what a great link!
  8. I try to split these two every year...and have been fooled by ghost images more than once (at least I think I have )...every now and again I get a nice stable night and it compels me to go for it... Tis' the season to try again!
  9. I regret selling my first 'real scope'...a Meade LXD55 10' SNT... A big scope...ropey mount, but because I was so scared it would break, I never used the GOTO. So was left to simply find my way around on own. I'm a refractor person, but would simply like to have it back for sentimental reasons. I put an ad on UKAB&S to try and track it down, but didn't have any luck. I'll try again soon.
  10. Good point... Ebay is not the venue it once was and is not (in my opinion) a good place to find an appreciative home for a scope like this.
  11. I also prefer to not split up vintage equipment. It's a shame for a vintage scope & mount to be split up to simply maximise a sale price. Sentimental I know, but those are just my feelings toward it. If you can afford to be patient, a buyer who appreciates what it is will come along. The mount looks little tired I agree, but with slow motion gearing on both axis, it would be perfectly suitable for use with the scope. If you Google 'Unitron alt/az mountings' you'll see pictures of similar mountings from this time period. If the scope in question was a Unitron, it would have sold by now
  12. Indeed... I actually owned one of these Vixen F13 Pulsar's a few years ago, it did have an excellent objective. I sold it for £395 as I recall and it was worth it. However, I didn't have a mount or eyepieces...much less an original mount like this one. I think the price is fair, but the seller would need to find a like-minded buyer and this could take some time...so the seller may well drop the price. I wouldn't though....
  13. A vintage Omega Constellation...although I will confess to wearing it simply because I like the watch. I tend to use my phone for any required information.
  14. The occasional meet-up on Wimbledon Common might work for me, I'm about a mile away. Don't turn your back on your equipment though, those Wombles work quickly.
  15. I had one of these Antares refractors for awhile. They're very light and it was fine for visual use on an EQ5. Personally, I think the price is a fair one...
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