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  1. I received my Feathertouch foucs knob for my 8" LX90 today. What a lovely bit of engineering. Feels extremly solid, well built and smooth as silk. Just need some clear sky now to go and put it to the test!! Rgds Aidi
  2. Thanks Rob. I am on a Az/Alt mount with my LX90 so imaging will be limiting, but as you said it will teach me the basics. I can then move onto something a little better with a wedge. Rgds Aidi
  3. Good Evening, I have just told of a Meade DSI-Pro Imager that a fellow astronomer has for sale. What sort of price should i be looking at to offer? Should i even consider this of wait until i can get a II? I am relatively new, and photography is something i would like to start in the near future. Any advice on would greatly be appreciated. Rgds Aidi
  4. Thanks for the heads up. After what i read, I looked at the Skywatcher filter and thought it would be a good contender. Your replies have confirmed what i thought i needed.. At least i was heading in the right direction!! Ill check out all the ones you have suggested and make my decission. Best Rgds Aidi
  5. Hello there! I have been reading about the use of filters for observing. Due to bad weather, i have not had a chance to really try out the filters in the Meade 4000 case. I am reading about filters which can enhance the view of Nebula's and also aid in filtering out light pollution. There seems to be a good range out there, with the the O-III seeming to be a very good contender. Where as i am not opposed to spending good money on the right one, as a relative beginner to this hobby, can anyone recommend a good filter which will meet my needs without being overly expensive. It will be fitted on
  6. I have just downloaded and installed the ipod Star program on my Touch. Great app and works a charm for me. As i am only just starting out in this hobby, and it will be invaluble when i have a few spare mins at work to look at it and help with my constallation knowledge! Great find and thanks for sharing Rgds Aidi
  7. Aidi

    Hello Everyone

    Thanks for the very warm welcome everyone. I sense this is the place to be (unless skies are clear) in the UK to find out what is going on, getting help and eventually being able to offer some help as experience grows. Hoping for some clear sky this week to go out and have a good session with the LX90. Best Rgds Aidi
  8. I update my Autostar 497 the other day and saw that it now had "Quiet Slew" listed. Being inquisitve, i did a quick search and found the following info: http://www.weasner.com/etx/autostar/readmes.html If you upgrade your Autostar to the latest updates this feature will be included. Rdgs Aidi
  9. Aidi

    Hello Everyone

    Hello! After spending some time reading about Astronomy in general, i have taken the plunge and just bought my first telescope. I have got a Meade LX90 LNT complete with the eye piece selection. With my limited knowledge i think i pretty much have everything necessary to give me a good start to this hobby. I am in my late 30's and currently live in mid Dorset. I had my "first light" last week. Spent most of the time learning the capabilities of the telescope and looking in a dazed wonder at the moon! I am hopeing the clouds might clear this week coming for some more viewing. Looking forward
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